Testimonies & Filings

May 3, 2017
ITIF submitted written comments to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch regarding the state of legislative websites.
May 2, 2017
ITIF's Center for Data Innovation has responded to the European Parliament’s public consultation on Civil Law Rules and Robotics.
April 26, 2017
ITIF's Center for Data Innovation has responded to the European Commission’s online questionnaire regarding its Building the European Data Economy package.
April 26, 2017
China is flouting global rules and norms governing trade and economic policy—threatening the U.S. economy and its advanced-technology industries, as well as the entire global economy—and it’s time for a new response, testified ITIF before a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.
April 24, 2017
ITIF recently filed comments on a bill being considered by the District of Columbia Council that would severely restrict a homeowner's ability to rent their unit out for a period of less than 30 days.
April 21, 2017
Following his testimony, Nigel Cory made a written submission to the U.S. International Trade Commission's investigation into global digital trade.
April 17, 2017
ITIF submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration on a proposal to treat gene-edited animals as forbidden until proven safe even in complete absence of any apparent risk.
March 14, 2017
In comments to the Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities, ITIF’s Center for Data Innovation welcomed a recent discussion paper, which presents a largely accurate view of the benefits of big data in the financial sector.
March 13, 2017
In comments to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), ITIF's Center for Data Innovation writes that in a recent green paper, NTIA correctly identified many of the ways in which the federal government should support the private sector to accelerate the development and deployment of the Internet of Things.
March 9, 2017
ITIF submitted comments to the U.S. Commerce Department recommending how to revise the government’s Current Population Survey to give policymakers greater insight into the true economic impact of broadband deployment and access.