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September 27, 2023|Publications

SHOP SAFE Act Will Fail to Provide Any New or Meaningful Protections for Consumers, Says Center for Data Innovation

Provisions in the SHOP SAFE Act would make online shopping more of a hassle without even bolstering safety in e-commerce.

September 26, 2023|Publications

Long-Awaited Antitrust Complaint Against Amazon Tees Up a Major Loss for the FTC, ITIF Predicts

The Federal Trade Commission's complaint against Amazon will obviously be popular with the Neo-Brandeisian movement, but based on the substance of the claims it appears likely the FTC may have teed up another major loss in its ongoing crusade against “Big Tech.”

September 26, 2023|Publications

FCC Should Reject Proposal to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules, Says ITIF

Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel’s proposal to reinstate net neutrality would hamper the development of the Internet at a time when consumers need it most.

September 25, 2023|Publications

Canada’s Business R&D Is One-Fifth the Size-Adjusted Global Average in Advanced Industries, New ITIF Report Reveals

Canada is lagging far behind the United States and the rest of the world in business spending on research and development (R&D) advanced sectors—five times less than the global average relative to the size of its economy.

September 25, 2023|Publications

New Report Urges Policymakers to Address Barriers to Data Sharing

Good quality data is increasingly essential to improving outcomes in health care, education, and countless other facets of the economy and society. But those outcomes depend on making data accessible to others, and as privacy advocates fuel fears and mistrust about data sharing, data is increasingly siloed in America, which is hindering the country’s social and economic progress.

September 20, 2023|Publications

Big Tech’s Free Online Services Aren’t Costing Consumers Their Privacy, New ITIF Report Concludes

In an effort to justify aggressive antitrust enforcement against “big tech” platforms, critics have advanced a novel theory of harm, arguing that consumers effectively overpay for free online services by giving up too much data at the expense of their personal privacy. Yet there is no evidence breaking up big online platforms would improve digital privacy.

September 20, 2023|Publications

FTC’s Revised Complaint About Amazon Prime Still Doesn’t Hold Water, Says ITIF

The FTC announced today that it is amending its complaint against Amazon’s Prime subscription service. The complaint is still unconvincing.

September 14, 2023|Publications

U.S. States Outpace Most European and Latin American States in New Rankings of “Innovation Competitiveness”

The regional economies of U.S. states fare well in “innovation competitiveness” compared to states across Europe and Latin America, according to a pair of new rankings compiled by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) in partnership with a consortium of other think tanks in the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA).

September 13, 2023|Publications

Think Tanks Issue “Global Declaration on Free and Open AI”

A global network of think tanks led by ITIF and ITIF’s Center for Data Innovation issued a “Global Declaration on Free and Open AI,” calling on governments to ensure that generative AI tools serve democratic ideals and promote global progress.

September 11, 2023|Publications

Expanding the Trade Agreement That Eliminates Tariffs on IT Products Could Add $766 Billion Globally Over 10 Years, ITIF Estimates

“The ITA has been one of the World Trade Organization’s most successful agreements, spurring adoption of technologies that drive innovation and productivity across all sectors of the economy. Expanding the ITA would generate significant growth for all nations that participate,” said Stephen Ezell, vice president of global innovation policy at ITIF, who co-authored the report.

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September 28, 2023|Publications

In Hollywood Writers’ Battle Against AI, Humans Win (For Now)

The Associated Press quoted Rob Atkinson in a story about Hollywood's writers' strike and the use of AI, saying limiting AI is unproductive. “If we ban the use of tools to make organizations more productive, we are consigning ourselves to stagnation,” Atkinson wrote on X.

September 28, 2023|Publications

Lina Khan Once Went Big Against Amazon. As FTC Chair, She Changed Tack.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Joe Coniglio in a story about the FTC's Amazon lawsuit: "Turning that claim into an antitrust violation is difficult under U.S. law. The FTC would have to show that Amazon leveraged its dominance as a marketplace to secure or try to grab a monopoly in another area."

September 27, 2023|Publications

Lina Khan’s Amazon Lawsuit Is Nothing Like Her Famous Law Article

Joe Coniglio is quoted in The Washington Post: "While there are some unconventional aspects to the case, the general categories of violations it alleges would have been cognizable for the last 40 years of antitrust," said Coniglio. "It’s hard to show consumer harm when there are low prices.”

September 26, 2023|Publications

The Fight for Net Neutrality Is Back

Axios quoted Joe Kane in a story on FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel’s announced plans to reinstate net neutrality. "Proponents of utility-style regulation of the Internet have been proven wrong by history," Kane said in a statement.

September 25, 2023|Publications

Data Silos Threaten Innovation in Key Sectors, New Report Warns

NextGov covered the Center for Data Innovation's report on overcoming barriers to data sharing.

September 25, 2023|Publications

Canadian firms in advanced sectors spend much less on R&D than U.S., global peers: Study

The Logic covered an ITIF report on Canadian R&D and how its spending stacks up against the United States in advanced industries.

September 25, 2023|Publications

How Countries Around the World Shape Their Data Policy

Marketplace interviewed former policy analyst Gillian Diebold about the Center for Data Innovation's report comparing different countries’ data policy.

September 20, 2023|Publications

American Labor’s Real Problem: It Isn’t Productive Enough

The Wall Street Journal cited an ITIF analysis showing that American manufacturers use far fewer robots than their competitors, in particular in Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

September 19, 2023|Publications

UAW Strike Collides With Biden’s Manufacturing Agenda

The Wall Street Journal quoted Rob Atkinson in a story on the United Auto Workers strike: “It takes less labor to produce an electric than a gasoline-powered vehicle. In the long run that could also weaken the UAW’s influence. There’s no real way around that. You could try to slow down the transition to EVs, but the Biden administration doesn’t want to do that.”

September 18, 2023|Publications

Bianchi Looks to Create Momentum on IPEF

Reporting on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, Politico interviewed ITIF's Nigel Cory, who noted that Democratic lawmakers wanted to use IPEF to come up with a new sort of gold standard digital trade agreement. But if they’re aiming to try and deliver something in November, this hardly lends itself to an ambitious outcome.”

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