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As every sector of the global economy and nearly every facet of modern society undergo digital transformation, ITIF advocates for policies that spur not just the development of IT innovations, but more importantly their adoption and use throughout the economy. ITIF's work focuses on protecting people’s privacy and safeguarding personal information without stifling the innovation and commerce needed to drive a robust Internet ecosystem.


Maintaining a Light-Touch Approach to Data Protection in the United States

Maintaining a Light-Touch Approach to Data Protection in the United States

Data privacy regulations impose significant costs on businesses and the economy. Effective, targeted federal legislation would address actual privacy harms while reducing costs that hinder productivity and innovation.

The Looming Cost of a Patchwork of State Privacy Laws

The Looming Cost of a Patchwork of State Privacy Laws

In the absence of a federal privacy law, a growing patchwork of state laws burdens companies with multiple, duplicative compliance costs. The out-of-state costs from 50 such laws could exceed $1 trillion over 10 years, with at least $200 billion hitting small businesses.

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June 28, 2024|Podcasts

Podcast: Information Technology Is Increasingly Critical and Increasingly Demonized, With Daniel Castro

Over the last several years, public opinion on technology and the use of data has shifted from excitement to skepticism to fear.

June 25, 2024|Blogs

Banning Ads for Kids: An Old, Bad Idea

The evolution of children's media and advertising reflects societal shifts from nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons to today's digitally connected landscape. Debates over targeted advertising to children, echoing past concerns, highlight new challenges in privacy and consumer protection, shaping ongoing legislative discussions around online safety and economic feasibility.

June 10, 2024|Blogs

New York Children’s Safety and Privacy Proposals Take Control Away From Parents

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a three-pronged proposal that, while well-intentioned, would take too much control away from parents and add to the state-by-state patchwork of legislation that complicates compliance and creates confusion for consumers.

June 6, 2024|Reports & Briefings

How to Improve the American Privacy Rights Act

America desperately needs a federal privacy law—but it needs the right federal privacy law. In its current state, APRA is not that law. But with a few important changes, it could be.

June 3, 2024|Reports & Briefings

How to Address Children’s Online Safety in the United States

Protecting children from online harms requires a careful balance between ensuring safety and safeguarding free speech, user privacy, and parents’ rights. The most effective approach would split responsibility between the government, parents, and online services.

May 24, 2024|Blogs

Age-Appropriate Design Codes Are Just Age Verification in Disguise

Age-appropriate design codes come from a noble place—the desire to protect children—but have serious flaws and threaten to do more harm than good. Instead of ID-based age verification, Congress should require device makers and platforms hosting age-restricted content to establish a “child flag” system—so everyone is assumed to be an adult unless they are marked as a child.

May 20, 2024|Podcasts

Podcast: Tech Facts and Fallacies, With Rob Atkinson

ITIF President Rob Atkinson appeared on TechFreedom’s Tech Policy Podcast to discuss the new book he co-authored with David Moschella, Technology Fears and Scapegoats.

May 13, 2024|Blogs

Advancing Biomedical Innovation With Policies Supporting Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

By improving privacy protection and facilitating secure collaborative research, privacy-enhancing technology could complement data-sharing policies and enable analysis of sensitive medical data and support biomedical innovation.

May 7, 2024|Books & Edited Volumes

Technology Fears and Scapegoats: 40 Myths about Privacy, Jobs, AI, and Today’s Innovation Economy

Technologies and tech companies are accused of creating a myriad of societal problems. Technology Fears and Scapegoats exposes them as mostly myths, falsehoods, and exaggerations. It issues a clarion call to restore the West’s faith in technological progress.

April 29, 2024|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the Department of Commerce Regarding the Use of US IaaS for Malicious Cyber Activities

There are fundamental flaws in this proposed regulation. If the Biden administration does not revise or rescind these problematic provisions, it will create new trade and cybersecurity issues for U.S. cloud providers and put the U.S. cloud computing industry at a competitive disadvantage.

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