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As every sector of the global economy and nearly every facet of modern society undergo digital transformation, ITIF advocates for policies that spur not just the development of IT innovations, but more importantly their adoption and use throughout the economy. In the area of artificial intelligence, ITIF studies issues related to competitiveness, governance, ethics, development, and adoption.


Ten Principles for Regulation That Does Not Harm AI Innovation

Ten Principles for Regulation That Does Not Harm AI Innovation

Concerns about artificial intelligence have prompted policymakers to propose a variety of laws and regulations to create “responsible AI.” Unfortunately, many proposals would likely harm AI innovation because few have considered what “responsible regulation of AI” entails.

US AI Policy Report Card

US AI Policy Report Card

The 117th Congress was the most AI-focused congressional session in history with 130 AI bills proposed, so it is a good moment to take stock of U.S. AI policy accomplishments to date and identify areas where there is room for continued progress.

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September 26, 2023|Blogs

The Federal Government Is Falling Behind on AI Skills, But Here Is How It Can Catch Up

As the U.S. government seeks to accelerate its adoption of AI, federal agencies should fully evaluate AI literacy and skills in their respective workforces so that they can address critical skills gaps before falling even further behind in AI adoption.

September 21, 2023|Presentations

FP Tech Forum @ UNGA78

Hodan Omaar speaks at Foreign Policy's FP Tech Forum during the 78th annual UN General Assembly. She joins an expert panel to explore how technologies are shaping geopolitics and development around the world.

September 21, 2023|Presentations

2023 Florida Tech & Innovation Summit

Juan Londoño speaks about how artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are fundamentally changing the way humans interact with technology and one another at a conference hosted by the James Madison Institute.

September 13, 2023|Features

A Global Declaration on Free and Open AI

ITIF and a global network of think tanks call on governments around the world to commit to a clear set of principles to ensure generative AI tools serve democratic ideals and promote global progress.

September 12, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Data Security on “The Need for Transparency in AI”

The biggest risk to consumers is that the myriad opportunities AI offers will not be translated into all the areas where they can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

September 11, 2023|Podcasts

Podcast: ‘Regulation by Outrage’ Is a Detriment to Emerging Technologies, With Patrick Grady

Policy regarding new technologies can be reactionary, confused, and focused on the wrong things.

September 11, 2023|Blogs

The FTC Should Not Treat OpenAI Like Public Enemy No. 1

The FTC's recent investigation into OpenAI, prompted by a minor data breach and a defamation lawsuit, seems driven by anti-tech ideology rather than a measured understanding of the evidence.

September 7, 2023|Presentations

Unveiling AI Policy Insights: Global Trends and Regulatory Strategies

Daniel Castro speaks about global trends in AI regulation in the United States, Europe, and Asia at a webinar hosted by FiscalNote.

September 1, 2023|Blogs

In the Wake of Generative AI, Industry-Led Standards for Data Scraping Are a Must

Significant public concerns about AI have raised the risk that Congress might step in and pass anti-scraping legislation. But a legislative intervention would be a mistake, especially given that the private sector has previously resolved a similar issue through voluntary measures.

August 29, 2023|Presentations

Data as the Foundation: Privacy, Policy, and Artificial Intelligence

Gillian Diebold speaks about the data divide and government readiness for AI at a webinar hosted by the Data Foundation as part of their series, "Data-Driven Governance: Exploring the Federal Government's AI Landscape."

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