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April 5, 2024|Blogs

If China Is Weaponizing Access to U.S. Data, We Need to See the Evidence

While it is important for national security to prevent foreign adversaries from leveraging U.S. data for geostrategic advantage, it is also critical for U.S. economic security and technology leadership not to undermine the critical role that data and data flows play in modern commerce.

April 5, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

A Transatlantic G2 Against Chinese Technology Dominance

Alone, America cannot stem Beijing’s rise in advanced industries. We need a new pact with Europe. Its objective should be to refuse to surrender to technological domination by the CCP. Being pioneers of the green transition will not be enough.

April 2, 2024|Presentations

Chips, Apps, and U.S.-China Competition

As the Biden administration and Congress increasingly focus on U.S. competition with China, policymakers confront complex problems illustrated both by microchip supply chains and by current debates surrounding TikTok.

March 25, 2024|Blogs

What’s Next After the Two Sessions for AI in China

A look at the proposals put forth during China's major annual political convening give hints as to what the government may focus on in the year ahead, which includes AI model development, data sharing, skills development, and safety.

March 18, 2024|Blogs

China’s Annual Parliamentary Meeting Shows National Commitment to Advancing AI

Unlike the United States or the European Union, the primary focus among stakeholders in China was how to ensure China does not fall behind in the development or adoption of this emerging technology.

March 11, 2024|Reports & Briefings

How Innovative Is China in the Robotics Industry?

China does not yet appear to be leading in robotic innovation, but its domestic production and adoption are growing rapidly, and the Chinese government has prioritized the industry. It is likely only a matter of time before Chinese robotics companies catch up to the leading edge.

February 23, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

How to Win the Economic War With China

It’s time to move from an Economic Statecraft 1.0 premised on using U.S. strength to support friends and punish adversaries, to an Economic Statecraft 2.0 premised on husbanding U.S. strength while limiting the relative techno-economic advance of China.

January 29, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Multinational Firms’ Production and Knowledge Spillovers Increased China’s Technology Capital by 36 Percent

A December 2023 working paper found that China’s technology capital would decrease by about 36 percent in the absence of production and knowledge spillovers from multinationals.

January 19, 2024|Blogs

China Is Following the Same Path as the Asian Tigers

China has experienced the same growth trend that some of the Asian Tigers have experienced. Only China’s path is about 25 years behind.

December 21, 2023|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

Lina Khan and Xi Jinping—Antitrust Allies

Writing for Inside Sources, Robert Atkinson aligns the antitrust methodologies of FTC Chair Lina Khan to similar practices by China—block virtually all mergers involving U.S. firms.

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