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July 30, 2024|Events

Can China Innovate in EVs?

Join ITIF in person on Capitol Hill to explore the innovation of Chinese EV and battery producers, the current state of global competition, China's aggressive support tactics, and what the United States needs to do to stay competitive.

July 2, 2024|Blogs

Airbus CEO Indicts Wrong Global Trade Villain

Only a full commitment from the European Union and United States can counter China's economic predation and preserve a market-based system. Criticism that doesn't include China's subsidization, IP theft, and product dumping isn't serious.

July 2, 2024|Podcasts

Podcast: The Four-Dimensional China Challenge, With David Moschella

David Moschella appeared on The China Desk with Steve Yates to discuss the historically unique challenge China poses to the United States and the West as the world’s largest market, the world’s largest supplier, America’s fiercest competitor, and a geopolitical and military rival—themes that pervade Moschella and Rob Atkinson’s book Technology Fears and Scapegoats.

July 1, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: AI and Robotics Adoption Boost Local Technological Innovation in Chinese Cities

A recent working paper found that AI and robotics directly promote technological innovation while also bolstering the impact of science and technology investments on technological innovation.

June 20, 2024|Podcasts

Podcast: China’s Wide Lead in Nuclear Power Generation, With Stephen Ezell

Stephen Ezell appeared on the Energi Talks podcast with journalist Markham Hislop to discuss ITIF’s assessment of Chinese innovation in the nuclear industry.

June 17, 2024|Reports & Briefings

How Innovative Is China in Nuclear Power?

Though China built upon a foreign base of technology, it has become the world’s leading proponent of nuclear energy. Chinese firms are well ahead of their Western peers, supported by a whole-of-government strategy that provides extensive financing and systemic coordination.

June 5, 2024|Blogs

The U.S.-China AI Dialogue Would Benefit From More Stakeholders

The United States and China commenced their first intergovernmental dialogue on AI in Geneva on May 14, 2024. This dialogue was a crucial step towards better cooperation between the United States and China on addressing AI risks, but given the continued growth in both commercial and military AI applications, much more collaboration is necessary, including among non-governmental stakeholders.

May 28, 2024|Blogs

Explaining China’s Focus on “New Quality Productive Forces”

China is steadily cultivating new quality productive forces to enhance its economy. China’s huge marketplace provides extensive opportunities for testing, applying, and improving new technologies and business models. Other countries should take note and recognize that hidden behind this new buzzword, China has begun to articulate a clear game plan for boosting its techno-economic leadership in the global economy.

May 28, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: China’s Share of US Goods Imports Has Fallen by 8 Percentage Points Since the 2018–2019 Tariff Hikes

A recent article suggests that while the tariffs may have decreased Chinese imports to the United States, Chinese imports also increased in other major U.S. trading partners.

May 10, 2024|Blogs

America Needs Big Tech to Beat Big China

Neo-Brandeisians have launched a campaign to discredit the argument that breaking up or shackling America’s large technology multinationals would be a boon for China. But they’re wrong.

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