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April 12, 2024|Blogs

Large Firms Generate Positive Productivity and Non-Productivity Spillovers for Their Suppliers

Policymakers should not follow neo-Brandeisian calls to break up large companies because such actions will only hurt the economy and small firms

April 12, 2024|Blogs

Review of the Proposed American Privacy Rights Act

In many regards, the proposed American Privacy Rights Act is a reasonable bipartisan compromise, though its draft language still has plenty of opportunities for fine-tuning and three provisions in particular that would have serious negative economic consequences if passed into law.

April 10, 2024|Blogs

Privacy Bill Faceoff: Comparing the APRA and ADPPA

Recent history has demonstrated that any federal privacy bill faces an uphill battle toward becoming law. However, the vast similarities between the APRA and ADPPA are cause for cautious optimism.

April 8, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: A 10 Percent Increase in Intangible Assets Increases MFP Growth By Up To 0.46 Percent

A recent working paper found that firms that had low multifactor productivity (MFP) to start with experienced higher MFP growth, and that firms with more intangible assets also had higher MFP growth.

April 5, 2024|Blogs

If China Is Weaponizing Access to U.S. Data, We Need to See the Evidence

While it is important for national security to prevent foreign adversaries from leveraging U.S. data for geostrategic advantage, it is also critical for U.S. economic security and technology leadership not to undermine the critical role that data and data flows play in modern commerce.

April 5, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

A Transatlantic G2 Against Chinese Technology Dominance

Alone, America cannot stem Beijing’s rise in advanced industries. We need a new pact with Europe. Its objective should be to refuse to surrender to technological domination by the CCP. Being pioneers of the green transition will not be enough.

April 4, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

Canada Wants Europe’s Competition Policy? It Will Also Get Europe’s Economic Stagnation

The changes two bills are making to reduce market concentration in the Canadian economy pose grave risks to the future of the innovation that is essential to keeping Canada’s innovation economy from declining even more.

April 4, 2024|Blogs

Forbidden Fruit: DOJ Bites Apple in the Walled Garden

The Justice Department’s antitrust suit against Apple risks committing the sin of turning antitrust enforcement into de facto regulation by putting forward flawed theories of exclusionary conduct. Courts should ensure that American consumers remain able to enjoy the mobile Eden that Apple has created.

April 4, 2024|Blogs

Tracking AI Incidents and Vulnerabilities

Congress should charge the newly created AI Safety Institute housed at NIST with creating a national AI incident database and a national AI vulnerability database.

April 4, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

Innovation Instead of Imitation: Brazil Needs a Brazilian Approach to Digital Markets

Europe’s digital model may not be the best fit for Brazil. Bill 2768/2022, mirroring the EU’s experimental Digital Markets Act, could potentially hinder innovation rather than ignite it. Brazil’s digital landscape calls for a culture of innovation, not borrowed blueprints of unnecessary intervention.

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