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July 22, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Increased Firm Concentration in South Korea’s Manufacturing Sector Contributed to a 12-fold Increase in GDP From 1972 to 2011

In a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Jaedo Choi, et al., investigated the effect of “superstar” firms in South Korea during the so-called “miracle growth period.”

July 19, 2024|Blogs

The US-China Tech Conflict Fractures Global Technical Standards: The Case of Semiconductors and the RISC-V Standard

U.S. policymakers are targeting RISC-V, an open-source semiconductor architecture, over concerns about China's influence. Restricting U.S. firms from participating could undermine domestic innovation and competitiveness while benefiting China.

July 18, 2024|Blogs

The Digital Services Tax Will Not be Good for Canada

Canada should drop its Digital Services Tax, which will harm Canadian businesses, startups, and consumers and surely lead to a retaliatory response by the U.S. government.

July 15, 2024|Blogs

Policymakers Should Focus on Turning AI Aspirations into Reality

The recent White House-sponsored conference on AI Aspirations earlier this month provided an optimistic vision for how AI could drive progress in various sectors. The breadth of the topics covered at the conference demonstrated the potential for the public sector to address important societal challenges using AI. With growing awareness of the potential benefits of AI, it is time for the federal government to create a national AI adoption strategy to accelerate its deployment.

July 15, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Public Investments in Nondefense R&D Have Rates of Return Between 150 to 300 Percent

A working paper indicates that the rate of return on R&D is between 150 to 300 percent, implying that there has been historical underinvestment in R&D for nondefense use.

July 15, 2024|Features

Exploring Maine’s State Broadband Initiative, With Brian Allenby

Access America Series, Episode 4: Jess talks to Brian Allenby, program operations and communications director for the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA), about the state’s progress on BEAD and the challenge of serving rugged and remote communities.

July 15, 2024|Blogs

Challenges in Assessing Canadian Competition

The Competition Bureau of Canada’s 2023 report assessing the state of competition in Canada has several methodological and interpretation issues that raise doubts about the conclusion's accuracy. As such, policymakers should not use the report as the foundation of competition policymaking or to justify a more aggressive antitrust regime.

July 9, 2024|Blogs

The AI Act’s AI Watermarking Requirement Is a Misstep in the Quest for Transparency

The AI Act requires providers of AI systems to mark their output as AI-generated content. This labelling requirement is meant to allow users to detect when they are interacting with content generated by AI systems to address concerns like deepfakes and misinformation. Unfortunately, implementing one of the AI Act’s suggested methods for meeting this requirement — watermarking — may not be feasible or effective for some types of media.

July 8, 2024|Features

Making Broadband Affordable, With Jake Varn

Access America Series, Episode 3: Jess talks to Jake Varn, an associate manager with Pew’s broadband access initiative, about the “low-cost option” in BEAD, how states can implement it, and how it interacts with federal low-income broadband programs.

July 8, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: At Least 10 Percent of Scientific Research Is Being Co-Authored by AI

A recent working paper found that at least 10 percent of biomedical abstracts published in 2024 were found to have been written with a large language model.

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