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May 24, 2024|Blogs

Age-Appropriate Design Codes Are Just Age Verification in Disguise

Age-appropriate design codes come from a noble place—the desire to protect children—but have serious flaws and threaten to do more harm than good. Instead of ID-based age verification, Congress should require device makers and platforms hosting age-restricted content to establish a “child flag” system—so everyone is assumed to be an adult unless they are marked as a child.

May 24, 2024|Blogs

Debunking Two Big Myths From the Recent Hearing on Sunsetting Section 230

Repealing or sunsetting Section 230 will make the Internet a worse place, but there is much Congress can do to make the Internet better. Unfortunately, until policymakers understand the reality of Section 230 and how it protects not only large tech companies but any online services that hosts user-generated content, as well as users themselves, Congress will not make meaningful progress on content-related issues.

May 20, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Government Support for Innovation Is a Critical Driver of Technological Complexity

A recent working paper suggests that government support for innovation not only increases the number of private-sector patents, but also has a positive effect on technological complexity.

May 15, 2024|Blogs

Sunsetting Section 230 Will Make the Internet Worse for Everyone

In its current form, Section 230 allows for a diverse Internet ecosystem, allowing online services to moderate content in a way that best suits their needs and the needs of their users. It is highly unlikely that, in 18 months, Congress will come up with a better solution.

May 15, 2024|Blogs

Assessing University-Industry Research Attention in Latin America and the Caribbean

The current scope of University-Industry (U-I) collaboration in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) opens opportunities for research to progress in innovative directions.

May 15, 2024|Blogs

The “Invent Here, Make Here” Act Should Fully Advance, Not Partially Impede, Bayh-Dole’s Mission

The bill proposes useful steps to facilitate domestic commercialization, but it overreaches in placing excessive restrictions when innovators prove unable to identify domestic manufacturing capabilities despite their best efforts.

May 13, 2024|Blogs

Advancing Biomedical Innovation With Policies Supporting Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

By improving privacy protection and facilitating secure collaborative research, privacy-enhancing technology could complement data-sharing policies and enable analysis of sensitive medical data and support biomedical innovation.

May 13, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Manufacturers That Adopt More Digital Technologies Are More Likely To Export

A recent working paper found that a 1-unit increase in the proxy variable for digital intensity was associated with a 5.8 percent increase in the likelihood that a firm would export.

May 10, 2024|Op-Eds & Contributed Articles

New DOE Foundation Should Think Big

Establishing the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI) was a vital initial step, but its value will depend on what happens next.

May 10, 2024|Blogs

America Needs Big Tech to Beat Big China

Neo-Brandeisians have launched a campaign to discredit the argument that breaking up or shackling America’s large technology multinationals would be a boon for China. But they’re wrong.

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