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September 19, 2023|Blogs

United States v. Google and the Legacy of the Microsoft Case

United States v. Google represents the most significant challenge to a large technology company on the grounds that it abused a monopoly position since the seminal United States v. Microsoft.

September 18, 2023|Blogs

R&D Spending During WWII Spurred a Sustained Wave of Innovation That Lasted Through the 1970s

A recent study highlights the critical role the U.S. government played in financing and developing patented technologies coming out of regional technology clusters.

September 18, 2023|Blogs

Trends in State BEAD Plans: Common Challenges

The NTIA requires states and territories to develop iterative plans for maximizing broadband access among their residents. Grantees are currently putting out their Five-Year Plans, the first of multiple documents describing their current broadband needs, anticipated concerns, and plans for addressing them.

September 14, 2023|Blogs

No, Big Tech Doesn’t “Profit” From Hate Speech

The allegations of tech companies profiting from extremism lack substantial merit when examined closely.

September 13, 2023|Features

A Global Declaration on Free and Open AI

ITIF and a global network of think tanks call on governments around the world to commit to a clear set of principles to ensure generative AI tools serve democratic ideals and promote global progress.

September 12, 2023|Blogs

Unlocking EU Global Digital Trade: New Study Shows the US’s Key Role in EU Data Adequacy Determinations

The G7’s “data free flow with trust” initiative is still conceptual, but it has the potential to become a venue to develop pragmatic tools to address data privacy and governance issues. However, the G7’s success depends in no small part on the EU being far more pragmatic (rather than dogmatic) in how it works with like-minded countries on data governance issues.

September 11, 2023|Blogs

The FTC Should Not Treat OpenAI Like Public Enemy No. 1

The FTC's recent investigation into OpenAI, prompted by a minor data breach and a defamation lawsuit, seems driven by anti-tech ideology rather than a measured understanding of the evidence.

September 11, 2023|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Regular Internet Usage by Older Adults Reduces Risk of Dementia

A recent study found that regular internet usage decreased the risk of dementia in older adults by roughly half. This was after taking account of a wide array of factors including baseline cognitive function, age, income, and race.

September 11, 2023|Blogs

New BEA Data Shows Sharp Increase in Greenfield FDI in 2023

There is nothing inherently wrong with acquiring firms or facilities; however, greenfield expenditures play an especially important role because they expand domestic capacity, which is crucial for continued growth in the United States.

September 8, 2023|Blogs

How the United States and CPTPP Countries Can Stop Vietnam’s Slide Toward China-Like Digital Protection and Authoritarianism

Together, the United States and its like-minded partners in the CPTPP can work together to push Vietnam to remove restrictive and repressive digital policies. But if they fail to act, the challenge of building an open, rules-based, and rights-respecting digital economy will only get harder.

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