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May 6, 2024|Blogs

Public Knowledge vs. Progress: The Debate on Website Blocking in the United States and Elsewhere

Congress and other stakeholders would do well to ignore SOPA as a relic of the past and instead focus on those stakeholders who want to engage on the substantial and growing body of evidence from around the world.

April 18, 2024|Events

The DMA in Action: Early Effects and Global Reach

Watch now for a panel discussion featuring experts from the EU, Brazil, Korea, and the United States.

March 16, 2024|Presentations

Impact the Future: International Women's Day 2024

Ayesha Bhatti speaks at Impact the Future: International Women's Day 2024 on exploring the importance of open-source development in the pursuit of innovation.

February 26, 2024|Blogs

Fact of the Week: Cross-Border Patenting Would Have Been 43 Percent Lower Without Globalization

A new working paper estimates that cross-border patenting from the Global North to the Global South would have been about 43 percent lower in the absence of globalization.

February 9, 2024|Blogs

A Closer Look at US Private Sector R&D Spending in a Global Context

Congress should pass the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act to restore full R&D expensing to drive U.S productivity, growth, and global competitiveness.

January 31, 2024|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Regarding the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Agreement

The United States should not endorse an IPR waiver in the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Agreement. It would not increase the number of vaccines or therapeutics, or the global supply that might be needed to address a future global pandemic.

January 28, 2024|Blogs

Abandoning Growth and Increasing Inequality: A Critical Look at Oxfam’s Recommendations for Corporate Regulations

Governments should ignore the message that large firms are harmful and instead allow them to acquire market power legitimately, keep IP rights strong, and reduce corporate tax rates. Doing so will increase innovation and expand the economic pie for everyone.

January 16, 2024|Reports & Briefings

A Realist Approach to Hydrogen

Clean hydrogen is expensive to produce, difficult to transport, and a second- or third-best clean energy solution in almost all proposed markets. To help drive the global green transition, a realist approach to hydrogen policy must address all these practical challenges.

January 8, 2024|Blogs

What COP28 Missed: A Realist Climate Policy

Instead of magical thinking that starts with a conclusion and works backward, we need a strategic framework that encourages smart decisions on priorities and maximizes the return on scarce political capital—a strategy that connects the economics, technology, and politics of the green transition.

December 13, 2023|Reports & Briefings

The Hamilton Index, 2023: China Is Running Away With Strategic Industries

China now dominates the strategically important industries in ITIF’s Hamilton Index, producing more than any other nation in absolute terms and more than all but a few others in relative terms. Its gains are coming at the expense of the United States and other G7 and OECD economies, and time is running short for policymakers to mount an industrial comeback.

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