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May 31, 2023

Jumpstarting FESI: Seeking Bold Ideas for a New Energy Innovation Foundation

To jumpstart FESI, we are seeking promising project opportunities that would advance the DOE mission through collaboration with private sector and philanthropic partners.

May 30, 2023

Six Tech Industries Accounted for More Than One-Third of GDP Growth in the Last Decade

Rather than complaining about them and trying to throw sand in their gears, policymakers should be celebrating their success and seeking to support them as they power even more growth.

May 30, 2023

For Teens on Social Media, the Jury Is Still Out, But the Judgment Is Already In

The effect of social media on children has been at the center of recent debate, with multiple bills at the federal and state level and recent advisories from the U.S. Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association. Despite a lack of scientific consensus on how social media affects children, lawmakers have been rushing to implement policies that would, in many cases, create more problems than they solve.

May 30, 2023

Fact of the Week: China’s Youth Unemployment Rate Reaches Its Highest Level on Record in April

20.4 percent of China’s population aged 16 to 24 years old (not including full-time students) were unemployed in April.

May 30, 2023

Secretary Raimondo Should Host a National Economic Development Summit With Her State Counterparts

We live in a world where, if the United States wants to avoid sinking further into economic weakness, all levels of government need to be in regular communication with one another to improve their alignment.

May 30, 2023

Data Isn’t the New Oil; That Might Be a Good Thing

Defending Digital Series, No. 18: The war in Ukraine and the return of persistent inflation have made it clear that energy is still much more important to peoples’ lives than digital data.

May 30, 2023

Supporting Robotics Adoption Would Boost the US Economy

As more companies use robots, many worry about the effect of automation on workers. The good news is that robots bring many benefits to both companies and workers. In fact, encouraging robot innovation and adoption supports the U.S. workforce and economy in four ways.

May 30, 2023

How to Restore Limiting Principles for “Unfair Methods of Competition” in Antitrust Law

The FTC has granted itself the power to bring antitrust enforcement actions based on amorphous and politically motivated ideas of “fairness.” There should instead be a uniform standard for what constitutes fairness in both consumer protection and competition policy.

May 26, 2023

Congress Must Move Beyond Permitting Reform to Speed Up Adoption of Digital Energy Solutions

In Washington, nothing is possible until it’s done. With federal permitting reform, that moment might be just around the corner, but Congress must not miss the opportunity to think beyond procedural reforms to federal permitting laws and should include a broad innovation-based approach to solving our nation’s energy infrastructure dilemmas.

May 26, 2023

Citizen Digital Series: How Should Governments Approach Digital Transformation?

The public sector’s road to improving citizen and customer experience comes with hurdles—from disconnects between IT professionals and customer experience to a lack of permission to test digital services with users. How can governments overcome these hurdles? Eric spoke with Emma Gawen—a partner at Public Digital, who leads the consultancy’s public sector work in the Americas—to gauge her insights on the dos and don’ts of governments’ digital transformation journeys.

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