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Agricultural Biotech

Innovation is essential to promoting human health, agricultural productivity, and ecological sustainability. In the area of agricultural biotechnology, ITIF supports advances in plant and animal biotechnology to increase agricultural productivity and sustainably boost production of food, feed, and fiber.

Agricultural Biotech

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January 27, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to OSTP Regarding Revisions to the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology

Biotechnologies have seen remarkable, rapid advances and the discovery and development of powerful new techniques. But nothing has changed that presents new or unique hazards, and the same steps long required to streamline and improve relevant regulations remain valid, albeit even more urgent than before.

December 30, 2022|Blogs

2022 Delivered a Tectonic Shift in Perceptions of Agricultural Biotech

Determined not to repeat with gene editing the disastrous, self-inflicted injuries from their misguided regulation of genetic engineering, European scientists have been increasingly vocal in recent years arguing for a different, science-based approach.

November 23, 2022|Presentations

The Journey to Sustainability: Managing a Transition For Food and Agricultural Sectors

Val Giddings presents on gene editing for climate change mitigation at an online sustainability webinar.

September 14, 2022|Blogs

Biden’s Bioeconomy Executive Order Is a Good Idea: The Implementation Plan Needs Work

Biden's new executive order bears the hallmarks of somebody who has been around the block and noticed all the things bureaucracies can do to delay, disrupt, and derail a president’s policies whether through ineptitude, inertia, or mischievous intent.

August 22, 2022|Blogs

How Agrigenomics Can Help Address Climate Change

On February 7–8 a small group of researchers met at the National Academy of Sciences for an informal workshop on how to demonstrate proof of concept for biotech solutions to climate change and start to flesh out plans to implement them at scale. Here’s what they proposed.

July 6, 2022|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the European Commission Regarding Regulation of Plants Produced With “New Genomic Techniques”

The European Commission is considering how to regulate products derived from gene editing and has solicited public comment, but the Commission missing a golden opportunity—again.

May 9, 2022|Op-Eds & Commentary, Blogs

Ukraine, Food Security, and Biotechnology

Russian aggression in Ukraine means “hunger will haunt the world.” Recent increases in our understanding of biology have given us the most powerful tools we’ve ever had to address the challenges we face. But they are impeded by regulatory policies driven by fear rather than informed by science and experience.

May 8, 2022|Op-Eds & Commentary, Blogs

Salmon Salvation? The Promise of Biotechnology in Aquatic Conservation Biology

Wild salmon are in trouble worldwide. Many Pacific and Atlantic populations have disappeared or declined to record lows. But recent advances in biotechnology can play an important role in conserving wild salmon while simultaneously increasing the availability and quality of farmed salmon—an important and valued food for humans with enormous cultural significance.

March 11, 2022|Reports & Briefings

Prospects for Transatlantic Cooperation in Biotech Policy—A US Perspective

There are multiple opportunities to advance solutions to major societal challenges by fostering transatlantic cooperation in biotech policy. But developing and applying them will require a return to science-based regulation that advances safety while enabling, not deterring innovation.

December 20, 2021|Op-Eds & Commentary, Blogs

The Year in Biotech: Rays of Hope in an Annus Horribilis

At the same time that biotechnology advances are reshaping tools for public health and medicine, we see no less momentous innovations in other fields. Almost no sector is untouched, but the greatest flowering to date has arguably been in agriculture.

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