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January 30, 2023

Fact of the Week: US Manufacturing Labor Productivity Fell by 2.8 Percent Between 2011 and 2021

U.S. manufacturing labor productivity (measured in output per hour of labor) increased 43 percent between 2001 and 2011. However, over the next ten years, productivity fell by 2.8 percent.

January 23, 2023

Fact of the Week:36 Percent of Online Households Making $50,000 or Less Are Classified As Having Low Digital Skills

A national survey of households making $50,000 or less, all with at least some form of online connectivity, classified 36 percent of respondents as having low digital skills. 39 percent were in the high digital skills category.

January 20, 2023

America’s National Security Concerns Over China Shouldn’t Imperil Its Leadership in Technical Standards Development

In responding to China’s growing efforts to influence standards, the United States should not copy its approach to standards setting in closing off participation to foreign enterprises. Instead, the Biden administration and its like-minded trading partners in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and beyond should revert to first principles as agreed at the WTO and double down on their support for open, transparent, and industry-led standards development, which together demonstrates good governance for standards setting.

January 18, 2023

Op-Art: Big Business vs. Small Business Lobbying

The common refrain that big business wields disproportionate political power is overblown.

January 17, 2023

Facial Recognition Could Increase Safety and Decrease Wait Times When Flying

The TSA has begun testing facial recognition technology to verify passengers’ identities at 16 major airports. But opposition, including from cities with facial recognition bans, would force the TSA to continue to rely on outdated technology and place restrictions on innovation that would benefit passengers most of all.

January 17, 2023

Fact of the Week: Key Industries Are the Most Affected by the Elimination of Full Expensing of R&D Activity

Economists agree that because most of the benefits of R&D and its technological breakthroughs accrue to entities other than the investing firm (e.g., customers, competitors, etc.), the current level of R&D investment is well below what would be socially optimal.

January 14, 2023

Let’s Unite for US Tech Leadership, Mr. President

President Biden has accused leading U.S. tech companies of destroying privacy, spreading harmful content, and hurting competition. Not only are these alleged abuses vastly overblown, but the regulatory solutions he appears to endorse would do more harm than good.

January 12, 2023

The EU Pot Calling the US Kettle Black on the IRA

When Europe gets around to fixing its own trade and procurement imbalances and with the United States and discriminatory policies, then the Biden administration should talk. In the meantime, the Biden administration needs to stop being defensive against the EU attacks and counter with its own narrative that demonstrates the EU’s protectionist performance.

January 12, 2023

Unless Congress Acts, Telehealth Progress During Covid Will Be Lost

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal policymakers enacted a series of legislative and regulatory measures to expand access to telehealth services. Congress recently extended many of these changes for two years in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 (H.R. 2617). However, policymakers should permanently extend these temporary measures to ensure that medical providers can continue to offer care to patients remotely after the extension ends.

January 11, 2023

Federal IT Is Too Big to Fail: The FAA’s NOTAM Fiasco

The FAA, indeed all federal agencies overseeing such large and critical systems, need to be more diligent in modernizing, monitoring, and testing their technology systems.

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