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Recommendations to the House Science Committee on Clean Energy Investments for a Long-Term Economic Recovery

In response to a request for input from the House Science, Space, and Technology committee, ITIF recommended that any stimulus bill in response to the COVID-19 crisis include provisions to stimulate manufacturing, technology entrepreneurship, and clean energy innovation, including large-scale demonstration projects in fields such as industrial decarbonization.

Most of ITIF’s recommendations fall into HSST’s category 4, “Long-term Economic Stimulus/Recovery” to prepare for the possibility that the COVID-19 crisis will morph into a sustained economic downturn.

ITIF’s priorities in offering these items include:

  • Supporting workers and companies most likely to be affected by such a downturn;
  • Making public investments that will “crowd in” subsequent private investments during an economic recovery;
  • Engaging existing and building new domestic supply chains; and
  • Strengthening resilience so the nation can better withstand exogenous shocks in the future.

This list is not comprehensive, but rather reflects our previous and ongoing work on specific topics.

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