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August 15, 2022|Publications

To Decarbonize Federal Operations, White House Must Tackle Perverse Budget and Procurement Rules, and Focus on Areas Clean Energy Aligns With Agency Missions, New Report Concludes

To successfully leverage the federal government’s buying power to spur the market for clean energy technologies, the administration needs a plan that aligns investments with agency missions, provides adequate funding, and fixes perverse budget and procurement rules.

August 12, 2022|Publications

ITIF Applauds D.C. Circuit Court’s Decision to Uphold FCC’s Order on the Reallocation of the 5.9 GHz Band

The FCC's decision to reallocate part of the 5.9 GHz band to support unlicensed uses, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, was not only legal, but it was also good policy.

August 9, 2022|Publications

Reconciliation Bill Detrimental for U.S. Life-sciences innovation, Says ITIF

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 incorporates unnecessary and unwarranted drug price controls that will harm America’s life-sciences innovation industry and deter biomedical innovation.

August 9, 2022|Publications

ITIF Applauds Enactment of the CHIPS-Plus Act

With a rising China and increased competition abroad, policymakers must not become complacent and must keep U.S. competitiveness a priority.

August 8, 2022|Publications

Enacting a “Light-Touch” US Data Privacy Law Instead of Copying Europe Could Protect Consumers and Save $116 Billion, ITIF Finds

Passing legislation tailored to address specific privacy-related harms would be effective in protecting consumers while costing 95 percent less than a GDPR-style law. ITIF specifically recommends preempting state laws, distinguishing between sensitive and nonsensitive personal data, and rejecting a private right of action.

August 5, 2022|Publications

ITIF Applauds U.S. Court of Appeals Decision to Affirm USTPO’s “Inventor” Definition

Most experts have no idea if AI sentience is even possible. Thus, by no stretch of the imagination should AI systems be legally identified as a natural person.

July 28, 2022|Publications

The Inflation Reduction Act Spurs U.S. Leadership in Climate Innovation, Says ITIF

The Inflation Reduction Act will accelerate adoption of innovative new climate technologies that have been introduced in the market but not yet been widely adopted.

July 25, 2022|Publications

“CHIPS Plus Science” Act Is a Welcome First Step—But Only the Beginning, Not the End of a Competitiveness Agenda, Says ITIF

The United States cannot afford to take a lackadaisical approach to global competition and must continue to promote innovation semiconductors and a host of other strategically important industries.

July 25, 2022|Publications

New ITIF Report Warns U.S. Policymakers Not to Repeat Japan’s Mistakes on Drug Prices and Other Biopharmaceutical Policies

Japan’s experience serves as a cautionary real-world warning for U.S. policymakers who are contemplating similarly aggressive drug price controls. The innovative potential of America’s life sciences industry is at stake.

July 25, 2022|Publications

The Senate Should Focus on Passing Comprehensive Privacy Legislation, Says ITIF

The two bills that the Senate advanced today distract attention from the goal of passing a comprehensive federal privacy law by putting the focus on children’s privacy.

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July 21, 2022|Publications

Why is the US following the EU’s lead on artificial intelligence regulation?

Center for Data Innovation analyst Benjamin Mueller notes that just five of the 100 most promising AI startups are based in Europe, while private funding of AI startups in Europe for 2020 ($4 billion) was dwarfed by U.S. ($36 billion) and China ($25 billion).

July 8, 2022|Publications

Congress: Pass Federal Privacy Legislation to Support Texas Small Businesses

A recent study from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) estimates that without federal data privacy legislation from Congress, a state-level framework will cost our economy $1 trillion over the next 10 years. At minimum, small businesses will foot the bill for $200 billion of that projection via compliance costs, economic inefficiency, and lost growth potential.

July 8, 2022|Publications

Bad Comparisons Distort State of US Broadband

For years, U.S. broadband has received a bad rap by comparing it to the European market. That rap — and the comparison it’s founded on — is dubious, according to a report released Monday by a D.C. tech think...

June 30, 2022|Publications

DOJ fails to report on making federal websites accessible to disabled people

Within the U.S., 26% of Americans live with a disability. Yet, a 2021 ITIF report found that 30 percent of the most popular federal websites did not pass an automated accessibility test for their homepage and 48 percent of those sites failed the test on at least one of their three most popular pages.

June 12, 2022|Publications

'Wildly inappropriate' attack on net neutrality or 'exciting' new tool to fight piracy? Experts divided on new dynamic website blocking court order

In a research paper published in January, U.S.-based think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) associate director Nigel Cory argued that it’s time for governments to seriously consider stronger website blocking tools to fight online copyright infringement.

June 12, 2022|Publications

America must do more in the trade tug of war

US-China tariffs distract from the real trade tug of war: global competitiveness in key industries.

June 8, 2022|Publications

The U.S. Tech Sector Is Looking Weak. That’s a Geopolitical Risk.

This week, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a research group sponsored by tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, announced that it had started an initiative, the Hamilton Center on Industrial Strategy. Its goal is to help fortify the ability of the United States to produce advanced technologies that are “strategically important for economic and national security,” according to its website.

June 8, 2022|Publications

China gains ground on US in hi-tech ‘tug of war’, as Beijing spends billions on national champions

Measured across key seven sectors, China’s share of the advanced technology market leapt from less than 4 per cent in 1995 to 21.5 per cent in 2018, said the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) on Wednesday.

March 10, 2022|Publications

The Market Is Not Enough

We need massive support for research and development, the predicate for technological advancement. Robert Atkinson of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, who has thought deeply about new strategies to make the U.S. more competitive, notes that 60 years ago, we led the world in...

March 9, 2022|Publications

Between Europe and the USA More Technological Cooperation. Exclusive Interview With Robert Atkinson, Founder and President of ITIF

The Science of Where Magazine meets Robert D. Atkinson , founder and president of the ITIF | Information Technology and Innovation Foundation , the world's leading think tank for science and technology policy. He is an internationally recognized scholar, a widely published author, and a trusted...

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