ITIF Staff

Robert D. Atkinson
Lindsay Bednar
Communications Director
Doug Brake
Director, Broadband and Spectrum Policy
Daniel Castro
Vice President, ITIF, and Director, Center for Data Innovation
Eline Chivot
Senior Policy Analyst
Nigel Cory
Associate Director, Trade Policy
Randolph Court
COO and Managing Editor
Colin Cunliff
Senior Policy Analyst
Stephen Ezell
Vice President, Global Innovation Policy
Caleb Foote
Research Assistant
Val Giddings
Senior Fellow
David M. Hart
Senior Fellow
Joe Kennedy
Senior Fellow
Alexander Key
Design and Digital Media Manager
Michael McLaughlin
Research Analyst
Joshua New
Senior Policy Analyst
Robert Rozansky
Senior Policy Analyst
Rachel Trello
Event Coordinator
MacKenzie Wardwell
Operations Manager
Jackie Whisman
Vice President, Development and Outreach