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Lilla Nóra Kiss

Lilla Nóra

Senior Policy Analyst

Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @LillaNoraKiss

Lilla Nóra Kiss, PhD is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy. Her research focuses on international antitrust law and innovation policy, with a focus on digital platforms.

Lilla also serves as a Post-Graduate Visiting Research Fellow in Hungary Foundation’s Liberty Bridge Program, and as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Global Antitrust Institute of Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. Lilla instructs students in Antitrust Law and Consumer Protection Law in the LLM in Global Antitrust Law & Economics program.

Lilla's educational background includes a JD, an LLM in European and International Business Law, a PhD in Law and Social Sciences, and an LLM in US Law from George Mason University. Before her research in the US, Lilla was actively involved in international research programs and taught EU business law to both JD and LLM students. In addition to her academic work, Lilla previously served as a senior counselor at the Hungarian Department of Justice, working on EU law and policy matters.

Recent Publications

November 20, 2023

Comments to the National Congress of Brazil Regarding Regulation of Digital Platforms

Brazil should step back from following the EU’s experimental and harmful DMA regime and at least wait before embarking on a similar policy.

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