Taxes and Budget

Tech policy broadly defined becomes more important each presidential election, and this one is no different. As it has in every cycle since 2008, ITIF provides a side-by-side comparison of the nominees’ positions on key issues related to the progress of technological innovation.
Taxes and Budget
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June 2, 2015
ITIF President Robert Atkinson submitted a letter in support of the Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act to the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law.
June 1, 2015
When it comes to corporate tax reform, don't listen to small business advocates, says Joe Kennedy in USA Today.
May 14, 2015
Taxes on telecommunications services, like cell phones, broadband, or even cable TV services, are bad for the economy and society.
May 5, 2015
Wireless taxes increase the digital divide.
May 1, 2015
Policymakers should utilize tax reform to spur growth which will assist all of society.
April 23, 2015
Excessive taxes and tariffs are slowing Brazil’s growth.
March 24, 2015
Two new tax proposals promise to help small, research-intensive companies attract investors even when they are still far from profitability.
March 9, 2015
Business investment in worker training has been declining since the 1990s, but a knowledge tax credit could reverse the decline.
February 12, 2015
New budget proposal has the right idea for the R&E tax credit.
February 2, 2015
A new paper shows R&D tax breaks helped U.S. businesses stay ahead of international competition.