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Regulation and Antitrust

ITIF’s Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy conducts legal and economic research, publishes actionable policy analysis, organizes high-level discussions, and engages with policymakers to rethink the relationship between competition and innovation for the benefit of consumers, innovative companies, the economy, and society.


The Flawed Analysis Underlying Calls for Antitrust Reform: Revisiting Lina Khan’s “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox”

The Flawed Analysis Underlying Calls for Antitrust Reform: Revisiting Lina Khan’s “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox”

In the 2017 law journal article that established her reputation, now FTC Chair Lina Khan ignored or misapplied the economics of two-sided markets, mischaracterized competitive conditions, and did not consider the pro-competitive effects of Amazon’s conduct.

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October 17, 2023|Events

Assessing the FTC’s Complaint Against Amazon

Please join ITIF for an expert discussion about the merits and implications of the FTC’s landmark challenge to Amazon.

September 27, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the FTC and DOJ Regarding Premerger Notification Reporting and Waiting Period Requirements

The proposal to use a 10-year time frame that does not exempt acquisitions of entities with annual net sales or total assets over $10 million is not only vitiated by an ill-founded concern about underenforcement of killer acquisitions in fast-moving technology markets, but would place additional burdens on parties complying with the HSR Act that are not justified by their informational value to agencies.

September 20, 2023|Reports & Briefings

Big Tech’s Free Online Services Aren’t Costing Consumers Their Privacy

There is no evidence that breaking up big online platforms will improve digital privacy, but there is overwhelming evidence that breaking up these services or restricting them from collecting user data will harm consumers and workers.

September 19, 2023|Blogs

United States v. Google and the Legacy of the Microsoft Case

United States v. Google represents the most significant challenge to a large technology company on the grounds that it abused a monopoly position since the seminal United States v. Microsoft.

September 18, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the Justice Department and FTC Regarding Draft Merger Guidelines

Not only are the proposed concentration thresholds in irreconcilable tension with the economic evidence surrounding the relationship between market structure and innovation, but established antitrust law counsels against the use of a structural presumption to satisfy the government’s prima facie burden in markets characterized by Schumpeterian competition.

August 14, 2023|Blogs

FTC Could End Amazon Prime Benefits for Consumers

The FTC’s likely solutions to Amazon's alleged anticompetitive behavior would come at the expense of convenience, a wider selection of products, fast delivery, lower prices, and valuable features.

August 8, 2023|Blogs

The FTC Should Avoid Unduly Restricting the US AI Industry

The AI industry is emerging and evolving rapidly, and neither the FTC nor the DOJ has been able to point to any evidence of anticompetitive behavior. Rather than invent or speculate about problems that do not exist, competition regulations should allow the AI industry to continue to develop new and innovative products without unwarranted restrictions.

July 31, 2023|Reports & Briefings

Restoring US Leadership on Digital Policy

The United States could regain its position as a global leader on digital policy by prioritizing a pro-innovation agenda, cooperating with its allies to advance free trade and democratic values, and pushing back against harmful narratives and policies.

July 25, 2023|Presentations

Differing Perspectives on Antitrust and Big Tech: What Have We Learned?

Rob Atkinson speaks at the Reason Foundation on what we’ve learned in recent antitrust debates and where we go from here.

July 20, 2023|Reports & Briefings

The National Economic Council Gets It Wrong on the Roles of Big and Small Firms in U.S. Innovation

A new White House report insinuates that small firms are America’s true innovators. Advancing this narrative makes it easier to advance an anticorporate antitrust agenda, including banning all mergers. However, scholarly studies and data do not support the administration’s premise.

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