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Comments to OSTP Regarding Revisions to the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology

Over the past decade, successive administrations have several times solicited public comments on the same subject matter covered in the present request for information (RFI). And while biotechnologies have seen remarkable, rapid advances and the discovery and development of powerful new techniques (i.e., CRISPR-mediated gene editing; gene drives), nothing has changed fundamentally in any way that presents new or unique hazards, and the same steps long required to streamline and improve relevant regulations remain valid, albeit even more urgent than before. We and many others have responded to these solicitations with recommendations rooted in the principles foundational to the Coordinated Framework. While the comments and recommendations in these submissions remain valid and timely, we nevertheless provide here fresh comments in response to the latest RFI.

Read the comments. (PDF)

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