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The Moratorium and the Impact on Developing Countries

October 10, 2019
Nigel Cory@nigelcory
Associate Director, Trade Policy
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Nigel Cory gave a presentation at the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum on “The Moratorium and the Impact on Developing Countries.” E-commerce and related services have been and will be an important source of growth and jobs in developing economies. The WTO moratorium on e-commerce duties that has been in place since 1998, is a critical part of enabling the rise of e-commerce and ensuring its future growth. This is especially important for micro and small- and medium-sized firms in developing countries that are increasingly relying on e-commerce platforms and related services to expand their opportunities domestically and in global markets. The panel was organized by the Coalition of Service Industries. Cory’s presentation analyzes the direct and indirect costs of allowing duties on imports of digital products and provides examples of the impact on multimedia goods, ecommerce, software development, and semiconductor testing.

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