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June 12, 2024

Will Korea Burn Its Digital Future Down?

Shifting from evidence-based law enforcement to heavy-handed digital regulation could stifle the innovation Korea needs and lead to various unintended consequences. As the Korean proverb goes, it’s unwise to “burn down the hut to catch a bedbug.”

June 11, 2024

Comments to Kenya’s Competition Authority Regarding the Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2024

Proposed changes to Kenya’s competition regime will hinder, not help its digital economy. Rather than impose substantial changes based on the false premise that digital markets require special treatment, Kenya should use existing enforcement tools to police its growing digital markets.

June 11, 2024

Evidence Shows Productivity Benefits of AI

The emerging field that studies LLM productivity-boosting effects offers increasingly auspicious evidence that AI is boosting productivity, particularly for less productive workers. However, additional studies will be necessary to understand AI’s broader impact on firm productivity and the economy.

June 10, 2024

How Generative AI Is Changing the Global South’s IT Services Sector

Given the potential for countries to reshore and automate previously outsourced IT occupations, the Global South’s IT services appear vulnerable to the displacing effects of AI. Yet, existing policy responses may be insufficient to address that challenge.

June 10, 2024

A Techno-Economic Agenda for the Next Administration

The next administration needs to place innovation, productivity, and competitiveness at the core of its economic policy. To that end, this report offers a comprehensive techno-economic agenda with 82 actionable policy recommendations.

June 10, 2024

New York Children’s Safety and Privacy Proposals Take Control Away From Parents

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a three-pronged proposal that, while well-intentioned, would take too much control away from parents and add to the state-by-state patchwork of legislation that complicates compliance and creates confusion for consumers.

June 10, 2024

Comments to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Regarding Supporting Content Through Base Contributions

There is no free lunch to be found by imposing base contributions on foreign online undertakings to fund the government’s preferred content. The Commission should reckon with the economic realities of its proposal rather than obscuring them behind anti-foreign rhetoric.

June 10, 2024

Fact of the Week: An Increase in ICT Industries’ Share of Output Raises Labor Productivity

A discussion paper suggests that ICT sectors have a positive association with a country’s productivity.

June 10, 2024

Comments Before the Turkish Competition Authority Regarding Act No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition

Ex-ante regulation is not only unnecessary in view of Turkey’s growing digital markets, but likely to chill the very innovation it seeks to promote. Through a number of per se bans for behavior that is very often pro-competitive, consumers will be harmed—a fact that is already happening in Europe with its own DMA.

June 10, 2024

Podcast: Remaining Realistic and Optimistic About the Promise of the Future, With Jim Pethokoukis

The future will be much improved if society fights the fear of technology.

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