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July 12, 2024

Comments Before the UK CMA Regarding Draft Guidance for the Digital Markets Competition Regime

In this challenging world, strong techno-economic cooperation between the United States and its closest allies is all the more critical, but can be undermined by the abuse of digital regulation that ultimately ends up placing undue burdens on American firms.

July 11, 2024

Comments to the Italian Competition Authority Regarding Draft DMA Enforcement Regulation

The Italian Competition Authority has a unique opportunity to shape a healthy enforcement landscape for the DMA within the EU.

July 9, 2024

The AI Act’s AI Watermarking Requirement Is a Misstep in the Quest for Transparency

The AI Act requires providers of AI systems to mark their output as AI-generated content. This labelling requirement is meant to allow users to detect when they are interacting with content generated by AI systems to address concerns like deepfakes and misinformation. Unfortunately, implementing one of the AI Act’s suggested methods for meeting this requirement — watermarking — may not be feasible or effective for some types of media.

July 8, 2024

Making Broadband Affordable, With Jake Varn

Access America Series, Episode 3: Jess talks to Jake Varn, an associate manager with Pew’s broadband access initiative, about the “low-cost option” in BEAD, how states can implement it, and how it interacts with federal low-income broadband programs.

July 8, 2024

Fact of the Week: At Least 10 Percent of Scientific Research Is Being Co-Authored by AI

A recent working paper found that at least 10 percent of biomedical abstracts published in 2024 were found to have been written with a large language model.

July 4, 2024

Podcast: Busting Roadblocks to Technology Policy, With Rob Atkinson

Rob Atkinson appeared on Embracing Digital Transformation to discuss government technology policy with host Darren Pulsipher, chief solution architect for public sector at Intel.

July 2, 2024

Airbus CEO Indicts Wrong Global Trade Villain

Only a full commitment from the European Union and United States can counter China's economic predation and preserve a market-based system. Criticism that doesn't include China's subsidization, IP theft, and product dumping isn't serious.

July 2, 2024

Podcast: The Four-Dimensional China Challenge, With David Moschella

David Moschella appeared on The China Desk with Steve Yates to discuss the historically unique challenge China poses to the United States and the West as the world’s largest market, the world’s largest supplier, America’s fiercest competitor, and a geopolitical and military rival—themes that pervade Moschella and Rob Atkinson’s book Technology Fears and Scapegoats.

July 1, 2024

Building Michigan’s State Broadband Plan, With Jessica Randall

Access America Series, Episode 2: Jess discusses the challenges and opportunities of BEAD for the state of Michigan with Jessica Randall of Michigan’s broadband office.

July 1, 2024

Don’t Blame Technology for Misinformation, Polarization, and Electoral Distrust

The roots of the word scapegoat go back to biblical times, when the sins of the people were ritually bestowed upon an actual goat, which was then sent away to remove these sins from the community. It’s an apt analogy for the way advanced technologies are now blamed for seemingly every societal ill. But just as goats weren’t responsible for the sins of the ancients, neither is technology to blame for ours.

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