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Lina Khan and Xi Jinping—Antitrust Allies

December 21, 2023

As bizarre as it may sound, U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan and Chinese President Xi Jinping share the same tactic when it comes to antitrust: Block virtually all mergers involving U.S. firms. While Xi wants to do this to cripple U.S. competitors to China, Khan wants to do it to hobble, Gulliver-like, big U.S. corporations because she, and her neo-Brandeisian allies, abhor large corporations.

As Robert Atkinson writes for Inside Sources, there is a likelihood of fewer mergers of Western companies in traded, advanced sectors because China will oppose them. If Chair Kahn gets her way in the U.S., the limits will be for firms in all sectors, not just globally traded ones.

Read the op-ed.

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