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Corporate Views on U.S. International Tech Competition

December 15, 2022
  • Robert D. Atkinson, “Corporate Views on U.S. International Tech Competition” in Toward a U.S.-Japan Technology Alliance, edited by Michael J. Green, Nicholas Szechenyi, and Hannah Fodale (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Center for Strategic & International Studies, December 2022), ISBN: 978-1-5381-7055-7.


Crafting and implementing well-funded U.S. government policies that advance U.S. international competitiveness, especially in technology-driven industries and in relationship to China, requires a modicum of corporate political support or, at minimum, limited opposition. Gaining that full-throated support has been difficult, in part because there is no one corporate interest or even technology-industry interest and because U.S. corporate interests are less aligned with state interests than at perhaps any time in U.S. history.

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