ITIF, World’s Leading Think Tank for Science and Technology Policy, Launches “Innovation Files” Podcast

May 20, 2020

WASHINGTON—The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the world’s leading think tank for science and technology policy, today launched a new podcast called “Innovation Files,” which will explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and public policy. Hosted by ITIF President Robert D. Atkinson and Vice President for Outreach Jackie Whisman, the show will feature expert interviews, insights, and commentary on how to accelerate innovation and promote economic growth to serve the public good. 

“ITIF has long covered this intersection of technological innovation and public policy with deeply researched policy reports, analytical commentary, and a rich program of panel discussions and other events. This podcast will provide a new platform to engage with the tech-policy community on all of the issues we work on, from competitiveness, trade, and globalization, to data, broadband telecommunications, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences,” said Atkinson. “Especially as the COVID crisis reshapes society’s relationship with technology, it is important that ITIF continue to serve as expert resource for those interested in tech policy. We hope this new channel of communication will help us better explain complex topics to inquisitive audiences.”

Innovation Files is available on all major podcast platforms, such as AppleSpotify, and Google. The first four episodes feature expert interviews on topics related to the COVID crisis:

  • COVID and Its Impacts on Technology, the Tech Industry, and Tech Policy,” with special guest David Moschella, considers how the pandemic is casting a new light on the so-called “techlash” and explores gaps the crisis has exposed in current IT system that point to the need for more innovation and investment.
  • The COVID Privacy Challenge,” with special guest Amitai Etzioni of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University, delves into technology-related questions of individual rights versus collective needs and responsibilities in combating the pandemic.
  • The Post-COVID China Challenge,” with special guest James McGregor of APCO Worldwide, examines how the pandemic has heightened distrust of the Chinese government as it doubles down on its pursuit of global domination in strategically important technologies.
  • Global Supply Chains Under Pressure,” with special guest Willy Shih of the Harvard Business School, explores how supply chains have been under more intense pressure than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly when it comes to medical supplies and drugs.

“Our goal is to showcase head-turning thought leadership on the most important tech-policy issues we face right now as a society,” said Atkinson. “We hope everyone interested in technology and public policy will subscribe. If they do, they can expect to hear some unconventional wisdom.”

Listen and subscribe to Innovation Files.