2014 Special 301 Report Highlights Continuing Concerns over India’s Protection of Foreign IP Rights

Stephen Ezell May 1, 2014
May 1, 2014

The United States Trade Representative’s 2014 Special 301 Report both placed India on its Priority Watch List and announced an out-of-cycle review for India, meaning that USTR will undertake an additional review of India’s intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and enforcement policies in the fall of 2014. While the report commended India for making “some improvements in its IPR legal framework and enforcement system” it noted that “IP protection and enforcement challenges are growing” and that “serious questions regarding the future of the innovation climate in India across multiple sectors” including the life sciences, renewable energy, digital content, and information and communications technology product sectors. The report highlighted compulsory licensing, patent denials and revocations, copyright and piracy, counterfeiting, localization policies, and difficulty protecting trade secrets as particular challenges in India’s intellectual property environment.