Has the FCC Created a Stone Too Heavy for It to Lift?

Richard Bennett December 23, 2010
December 23, 2010

Among the issues the 112th Congress will grapple with is the FCC's pre-Christmas adoption of new rules governing the Internet. In a follow-up blog post to ITIF's statement, Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett comments on the hyperbolic assessments from groups on the left and right and offers general praise on the FCC's move. At the same time, he flags a concern about the rules related to "transport services," noting, "where the early drafts permitted these services as long as they were offered for sale on a non-discriminatory basis, the final rule arbitrarily presumes them harmful." When it comes to the technical questions that will arise as the FCC moves to implement the order, Bennett worries that the FCC may have built a "stone too heavy to lift."