Nate Soares

Nate Soares
Executive Director
Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Nate Soares is MIRI’s executive director. He joined the MIRI research team in April 2014, quickly earning a strong reputation for his strategic insight and high productivity. Nate is the primary author of most of MIRI’s technical agenda, including the overview document “Aligning Superintelligence with Human Interests: a Technical Research Agenda” (2014) and the AAAI conference paper “Corrigibility” (2015). Prior to MIRI, Nate worked as a software engineer at Google.

Recent Events and Presentations

June 30, 2015

Join ITIF for a spirited discussion about the state of artificial intelligence, whether super intelligent computers will someday pose a threat to the human race, and how policymakers should respond to these ideas.