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Jonathan Murray


Founding Partner

Innovia Strategies

Jonathan is Founding Partner at Innovia Strategies and Founder of the new enterprise cloud platform company n.flex.n. His unique blend of private sector business, economic development policy, and software engineering experience makes him the ideal partner for clients needing to understand and address the complex factors at play in an accelerating global digital transformation.

Jonathan was most recently Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Warner Music Group (WMG) where he was responsible for the company’s global technology strategy. In this role he drove the transformation of WMG’s technology capabilities, the implementation of a new cloud computing based software delivery factory and new organizational and process models. This experience provided Jonathan with a unique perspective on the disruption of traditional organization structures, jobs and business models being wrought by a new generation of powerful ICT tools and platforms.

Jonathan is a published research fellow with the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy at the University of California, Berkeley and an advisor to the Bacharach Leadership Group out of Cornell University’s Institute of Labor Relations. He is a regular speaker on cloud computing technology and policy issues and an advisor to several technology investment funds, the World Bank, European Commission, the OECD and The Conference Board. In 2012 was recognized as one of the leading cloud-computing visionaries and in 2014 Jonathan was elected to The Economist’s ‘Agenda Digital 50’.

Jonathan spent sixteen years in various executive roles with Microsoft including seven years as Vice President of the company’s Public Sector Technology Office. In this capacity he and his organization were responsible for helping senior government officials and policy makers translate the potential of new technologies into effective social and economic development strategies. Prior to this role Jonathan was Vice President of Global Account Sales where he was responsible for leading Microsoft’s engagement with its top enterprise customers. Jonathan joined Microsoft from ARCO International Oil and Gas where he held a number of systems architecture and design roles. He has an extensive background in software engineering, architecture and systems design and a formal education in geology and earth sciences. Jonathan blogs occasionally at and can be found on Twitter as @Adamalthus. Jonathan lives in New York with his partner Desiree van Welsum, an economist and senior IT policy advisor at the World Bank.

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