David Adler

David Adler
Economics Author

David Adler is interested in finding ways to revive and strengthen American national developmentalism. He is the author of the monograph The New Economics of Liquidity and Financial Frictions and co-editor of the anthology The Productivity Puzzle both published by the CFA Institute Research Foundation. He wrote Snap Judgment (FT Press) about behavioral economics.  Earlier, he co-edited the anthology, Understanding American Economic Decline (Cambridge University Press) which looked at the prospects for US growth through the precedent of Britain’s comparative economic decline. He is a regular contributor to American Affairs and has also written for Barron’s, City Journal and the FT.   He is a senior advisor to XA Investments, an alternative investments manager and distributor.

He is the producer of several public policy documentaries for the BBC and PBS including Mind Over Money (NOVA/WGBH) about behavioral finance, as well as America’s Crisis in Healthcare and Retirement.

David Adler was educated at Oxford and Columbia from which he has an MA in economics.  He was the organizer of the CFA Institute conference, “Restoring American Economic Dynamism,” and also “the Economics Forum” about the Greek crisis at the Fourth Athens Biennale which took place in the abandoned Athens Stock Exchange.

Recent Events and Presentations

November 17, 2020

ITIF hosted a two-part forum on innovative state-level manufacturing policies.