Colin McCormick

Colin McCormick
Partner and Chief Technologist
Valence Strategic

Colin McCormick is partner and chief technologist at Valence Strategic, a consulting firm providing research and strategy services in transportation, energy, and robotics. McCormick was previously senior adviser for R&D to the Undersecretary of Energy at the U.S. DOE and a professional staff member with the House Committee on Science and Technology.

Recent Publications

December 16, 2016

Varun Sivaram, Colin McCormick, and David Hart write in Morning Consult that the United States is losing the race to build and sell clean-energy technologies, so policymakers need a three-part energy innovation agenda: focus, reform, and invest.

December 13, 2016

The United States is falling behind in the race to capitalize on the burgeoning clean energy market—but the race is not yet lost. This report offers five policy principles and a set of specific reforms for the Trump administration and the 115th Congress to turn the tables.