Christina E. Wanscher

Christina E. Wanscher
Chief Consultant, Head
International Unit, MedCom

Christina E. Wanscher has worked for the MedCom organisation since 2004 and today she is heading the International department of MedCom. MedCom International has 12 employees and is currently involved in more than ten European and nationally-funded projects.

Wanscher holds a masters degree (MA) from the University of Southern Denmark in English and Cultural Studies, specifically focusing on linguistic issues. Wanscher has more than five years of experience in the field of eHealth, TeleHealth and eInclusion. She has been involved in several European projects either focusing on research, validating or implementation including projects such as Health Optimum M.V and I.D (eTEN), DREAMING (CIP), PERSONA (FP6) and R-Bay (eTEN). Through her projects, she has gained an in-depth insight into European programmes, project management, and technological innovation in the area of health and social care both in Denmark and in Europe. Wanscher has been involved in many publications and abstracts as well as speaking at conferences on both national and international levels.

Recent Events

September 22, 2009

Please join ITIF for the release of a new study “Explaining International Health IT Leadership” that explores the lessons nations can learn from the global leaders in health IT adoption.