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June 7, 2021
Many antitrust scholars, pundits, and policymakers have sounded alarms in recent years, claiming that market concentration has been rising across the U.S. economy to the detriment of competition. But the latest Census data on industry concentration paints a very different picture.
June 3, 2021
WASHINGTON—Despite a legal requirement for federal agencies to follow modern standards of web accessibility for users with disabilities, 30 percent of the most popular federal websites fail to do s
June 2, 2021
Banning a technology that the county is not even using achieves nothing good. It does not reduce government surveillance, diminish policing of political activists, or lessen racial injustice
June 1, 2021
The administration’s budget focuses attention on neglected priorities in clean energy innovation as well as providing a much-needed boost across the board.


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June 14, 2021
Because the FCC doesn’t have authority over web companies, Congress would have to step in. “It’s a ticking time bomb, and only getting worse.
June 14, 2021
Policy experts also noted that the G-7 proposal would only work if all major economies agreed to implement the minimum tax into law.
June 10, 2021
This one of many “innovation mercantilist” tactics that Chinese state has practiced for years, according to a recent 
June 7, 2021
The European backwardness in the face of American and Chinese predominance has already been highlighted by numerous studies and in particular a 
June 4, 2021
This week, King county, Washington, became the first county in the US to ban its sheriff’s office and other agencies from using facial recognition technology in nearly all circumstances.