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September 6, 2016
ITIF calls on the right to, "abandon its opposition to government's role in promoting competitiveness," and the left to, "accept the fact that successful companies that innovate and compete globally are not the enemy,” in The Hill’s Overnight Tech.
August 27, 2016
“Manufacturing is growing a little bit, but we lost over a third of our manufacturing jobs in the 2000s. It was decimated. And we’re running essentially an $800 billion trade deficit,” said Rob Atkinson on PBS NewsHour.
August 1, 2016
“Since President Xi Jinping took office, they have increasingly switched from an economic strategy that emphasizes attracting foreign direct investment to one that favors indigenous innovation and Chinese-owned firms,” said Rob Atkinson in the Los Angeles Times.
July 20, 2016
“The U.S. labor market is far more stable than people think,” said Rob Atkinson and John Wu in the Washington Post.
July 14, 2016
“While remedies exist throughout the United States for the victims of hacking, harassment, and voyeurism, overall the remedies are not adequate,” said Daniel Castro in BuzzFeed.