While economic policy should do more to reduce income inequality and Congress should seriously consider world-class worker training and adjustment assistance programs, our nation is doomed to second-class status if we cannot support all forms of productivity, including worker-replacing automation.
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July 20, 2016
Join ITIF for a panel discussion at the Republican National Convention featuring business leaders and Members of Congress to explore ways the 45th president and 115th Congress can work together to shape policies to foster innovation, boost productivity, and make the United States more competitive in the global economy.
July 6, 2016
With the White House convening a discussion this week on implications of AI to be followed days later by the 25th International Joint Conference on AI, Rob Atkinson rebuts myths about the technology in the Huffington Post.
June 21, 2016
U.S. productivity performance has been utterly dismal, writes Rob Atkinson in the Christian Science Monitor.
June 14, 2016
On the occasion of ITIF’s 10-year anniversary, with the generous support of Bernard L. Schwartz, ITIF will hold a half-day conference exploring policy solutions to restore America’s investment-driven economy.
June 13, 2016
We are seeing continued progress in technological innovation, yet anemic productivity growth. A big reason is that public and private investment have fallen in the last decade. It’s time for serious pro-investment policies.
June 6, 2016
Critics claim AI will produce a parade of horribles, from joblessness to our eventual doom. This report debunks such myths and explains why policymakers should actively support AI innovation.
May 5, 2016
Please join ITIF for the release of a comprehensive report on productivity: why it has lagged and what it’s likely to do over the next two decades, why higher productivity won’t kill jobs, why conventional policy solutions are likely to be inadequate, and what governments should do to restore robust productivity growth.
May 4, 2016
Productivity is the key to improving living standards—so policymakers should ignore conventional economists who say there is little government can do about it and instead make it the principal goal of economic policy.
April 15, 2016
Latin America’s labor productivity grew at only 90 percent of the U.S. rate between 1990 and 2013, writes John Wu in Innovation Files.
April 7, 2016
Government leaders should start demanding that IT projects specify how they will improve productivity and hold these projects accountable for delivering the promised value, writes Daniel Castro in Government Technology.