Emerging Technologies

ITIF submitted comments focusing on the Commission whitepaper’s proposal for an ex ante conformity assessment framework to verify and ensure that certain mandatory requirements applicable to high-risk applications of artificial intelligence are met and how this would act as a barrier to trade.
Emerging Technologies
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January 5, 2015
A growing array of interests stand resolutely opposed to innovation. ITIF nominates 10 organizations that have done the most to smash the engines of innovation.
December 4, 2014
Policymakers should focus on fostering the Internet of Things through policies that promote innovation and flexibility.
December 4, 2014
This report presents ten principles to help policymakers accelerate deployment of the Internet of Things.
November 19, 2014
New research confirms robots aren't stealing jobs in developing countries either.
October 21, 2014
ITIF proposes comments for the New York Department of Financial Services on the BitLicense Framework.
October 17, 2014
In the Milken Institute Review, Rob Atkinson writes that we are on the cusp of an IT-enabled transformation of transportation powered by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and improved sensor technology.
October 6, 2014
Onerous rules are driving drone research, and money, overseas.
September 3, 2014
This blog explores New York's controversial "BitLicense" regulations.
July 29, 2014
Self-driving cars will generate massive societal benefits.
July 25, 2014
While a modest proposal, E-labeling is a useful step towards more innovation, lower costs, and better design for the Internet of Things.