Economic Theory

Many say the decline in new business formation over the past 30 years has been caused by increased monopoly. But there is no statistical relationship between start-up creation and change in concentration by industry; high-growth start-up activity is healthy.
Economic Theory
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July 23, 2013
Representative Sandy Levin (D-MI) discusses the importance of both free and fair trade for the U.S. trade agenda.
July 16, 2013
Our roundup of $3.2 million in open government innovation grants highlights the “post-digitization landscape.”
July 8, 2013
The general economic myths many take as facts are causing tragic results for everyday Americans.
July 2, 2013
The arguments against technology don’t add up.
June 21, 2013
Robert Atkinson presented "Brazil in the Global Innovation System" at conferences in Sao Paulo and Brasillia presented by Prospectiva.
June 20, 2013
Conservative defenses of inequality ignore the fundamental role of government in the economy.
April 16, 2013
Europe faces a quandary: The difficult fiscal straits most European nations face precludes “Keynesian” stimulus policies to spur demand.
April 3, 2013
The Policy Network in London will host a lunchtime debate on "Innovation Economics: Growth and Living Standards" in a Global Economy featuring Rob Atkinson.
March 26, 2013
"Innovation Economics" presentation at the Université Paris-Est.
March 11, 2013
Sunday op-ed writers should consider the facts before urging public policymakers to make changes to clean energy and copyright policy.