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As every sector of the global economy and nearly every facet of modern society undergo digital transformation, ITIF advocates for policies that spur not just the development of IT innovations, but more importantly their adoption and use throughout the economy. In the area of digital government, ITIF studies how information technology (IT) can improve delivery of public services.


To Successfully Rebuild, GSA Needs to Better Understand the Customer Journey Across Government Services

By employing an approach that evaluates the breadth of applicable services against the full spectrum of federal customers, GSA can deliver on this effort to reimagine

Federal IT Modernization Needs a Strategy and More Money

Federal IT Modernization Needs a Strategy and More Money

Despite a plethora of legislation, executive mandates, and other policy guidance to modernize aging federal IT infrastructure, agencies still need access to dedicated IT funding channels with more money and an overarching IT strategy to help guide them in how they fund IT initiatives.

More Publications and Events

April 20, 2023|Events

How Digital IDs Can Transform Government Services

Please join ITIF for a discussion on national digital IDs, which focuses on the potential benefits and concerns surrounding this technology as well as the legal and technical barriers for use.

March 24, 2023|Blogs

Citizen Digital: How Singapore Is Becoming a “Smart Nation,” With Sarah Espaldon

The city-state of Singapore is ahead of the curve in adapting and using technology to reap the benefits of digitization. In the first installment of ITIF’s new “Citizen Digital” video series, Eric speaks with Sara Espaldon, head of marketing and operations at Open Government Products, about the experimental tech unit’s efforts to digitize Singapore’s government services.

March 16, 2023|Blogs

To Improve Customer Experience, Federal Agencies Should Adopt Agile Methods

If agencies are serious about improving customer experience, it’s time they adopt agile methods.

March 9, 2023|Blogs

DOJ Finally Releasing a Report on Federal Website Accessibility Is a Positive Step, But More Is Needed

Last week, DOJ released a report on federal website accessibility for the first time in over a decade. Producing and releasing these reports is a big step forward in highlighting federal website accessibility issues. However, DOJ can improve the report in the future by expanding how it collects agency accessibility data; offering a more thorough analysis; and providing detailed, actionable recommendations.

March 6, 2023|Reports & Briefings

Balancing Privacy and Innovation in Smart Cities and Communities

Smart city technology could modernize local government services and improve residents’ quality of life. To reap these benefits and maintain public trust, cities and communities need to balance the interests of innovation and privacy.

March 6, 2023|Podcasts

Podcast: The Future of Smart Cities in a Data-Driven Society, With Jonathan Reichental

To improve quality of life for as many people as possible, the places to start are cities. Rob and Jackie sat down with multiple award-winning technology and business leader Jonathan Reichental to discuss why the United States is falling behind other countries in the “smart city” movement and why it matters in a data-driven world.

January 11, 2023|Blogs

Federal IT Is Too Big to Fail: The FAA’s NOTAM Fiasco

The FAA, indeed all federal agencies overseeing such large and critical systems, need to be more diligent in modernizing, monitoring, and testing their technology systems.

November 16, 2022|Blogs

The U.S. Visa Process Is a Disservice to Our Indian Allies

India is one of the United States’ most critical allies—supporting not only the American economy through high-skilled immigration, students, tourism, and trade but also efforts to protect global democracy. Indians seeking opportunity in America deserve better treatment, and it’s time for the State Department to modernize visa processing.

October 24, 2022|Reports & Briefings

With Customer Satisfaction at a New Low, Federal Agencies Still Fail to Measure It Well or Provide Enough Digital Services

The Biden administration has made improving customer experience (CX) a top priority for federal agencies. That hinges on providing robust digital services. But agencies are behind in digital adoption, and they don’t do enough to measure CX via digital platforms, much less to improve.

September 25, 2022|Blogs

Cutting Red Tape From Procurement Processes and Expanding Access to New Contractors Will Accelerate Federal IT Modernization

The AGILE Procurement Act aims to improve how the federal government acquires technology by reducing red tape, expanding access to new contractors, and training acquisition staff. The bill offers a much-needed opportunity to accelerate federal IT modernization. Congress should ensure it gets to President Biden’s desk before the end of the year.

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