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Climate-Tech Commercialization

Innovation is central to addressing global climate change while increasing economic growth, boosting international competitiveness, and eliminating energy poverty. ITIF’s Center for Clean Energy Innovation seeks to accelerate the transition of the domestic and global energy systems to low-carbon resources. In the area of climate-tech commercialization, our research focuses on policies to accelerate adoption of clean-energy and emissions-reducing technologies and practices.

Climate-Tech Commercialization

Publications and Events

September 7, 2022|Events

Buying Power: How Federal Procurement Can Drive Clean Energy Innovation

Join ITIF as we release a new report by ITIF board member and former DOD and GSA sustainability leader Dorothy Robyn and hear from leaders inside and outside the federal government on this vital issue

August 15, 2022|Reports & Briefings

Mission, Money, and Process Makeover: How Federal Procurement Can Catalyze Clean Energy Investment and Innovation

Using federal procurement to advance sustainable energy goals has had only limited success in the past. To break the pattern, the White House needs a plan that aligns with agency missions, is adequately funded, and fixes perverse budget and procurement rules.

July 26, 2022|Events

Accelerating More Equitable EV Adoption Through Technological, Business Model, and Policy Innovation

ITIF’s Center for Clean Energy Innovation hosted an expert discussion on the findings and policy implications of a new report examining the connection between equity and innovation in the context of EVs.

June 27, 2022|Reports & Briefings

Clean and Just: Electric Vehicle Innovation to Accelerate More Equitable Early Adoption

Rapid adoption of electric vehicles by low-income and disadvantaged populations is necessary for decarbonization. Innovative products and business models are emerging that accelerate such adoption. Supportive policies should extend these innovations and amplify their benefits.

May 9, 2022|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to OSTP Regarding the Energy and Climate Implications of Digital Assets

Many popular blockchain technologies consume vast amounts of electricity today, producing millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions and electronic waste. While the environmental and energy concerns for digital assets should be addressed, heavy-handed regulatory policies that attempt to restrict how operators use data centers are likely to be unsuccessful.

April 18, 2022|Blogs

First of Its Kind: Making DOE’s New Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations a Success

The U.S. Department of Energy’s new Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations is a tremendous step forward for innovation and must become a permanent fixture in the federal structure. DOE needs time right now to build up the new office systematically, and over the next few years its funding must grow rapidly, so that it can drive a steady stream of innovations ready to be scaled up nationally and globally.

March 17, 2022|Events

Devil in the Details: Reconciling the House and Senate Versions of Competitiveness Legislation

Watch ITIF and an expert panel featuring key policymakers and leading analysts who discussed how to bring House and Senate versions of competitiveness legislation across the finish line in a form that will be a winner for U.S. workers and the economy.

March 17, 2022|Op-Eds & Commentary, Blogs

Continued Innovation in Renewable Energy Is Not a Given: Public Policy Must Push and Pull

The modeling is clear: Building a reliable grid that will serve as the backbone for a cleaner, more electrified economy without raising energy costs, will require technological improvements that drastically drive down the costs and improve performance.

March 3, 2022|Op-Eds & Commentary

Don’t Blame DeJoy, Give Him the Money to Buy Electric Postal Trucks

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) just approved plans to deploy a new delivery fleet consisting almost entirely of gasoline-powered trucks, even as Amazon, UPS and FedEx are going all-in on climate-friendly electric vehicles (EVs).

January 20, 2022|Op-Eds & Commentary

Innovation Uptake: The Final Frontier for Energy Policy

The Biden administration and Congress should adopt innovation uptake policies to ensure that the remarkable products of federal investment and American ingenuity are not left moldering on the shelf.

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