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Climate-Tech Commercialization

Innovation is central to addressing global climate change while increasing economic growth, boosting international competitiveness, and eliminating energy poverty. ITIF’s Center for Clean Energy Innovation seeks to accelerate the transition of the domestic and global energy systems to low-carbon resources. In the area of climate-tech commercialization, our research focuses on policies to accelerate adoption of clean-energy and emissions-reducing technologies and practices.


The Hydrogen Hubs Conundrum: How to Fund an Ecosystem

The Hydrogen Hubs Conundrum: How to Fund an Ecosystem

Recent federal legislation provides $8 billion to develop at least four hydrogen hubs, but little guidance. DOE should focus its funding on the capital costs of hydrogen production and infrastructure, while generally eschewing operating expenses and support for end users.

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March 23, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions Regarding the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI)

FESI is an idea whose time has come. DOE drives action toward many of the United States’ most vital goals: a strong, secure economy; global leadership in science and technology; eliminating climate pollution at home and around the world, and much more. Congress seized an historic opportunity to accelerate progress toward these goals by authorizing DOE to establish and collaborate closely with FESI.

March 22, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstration Regarding Demand-Side Support for Clean Energy Technologies

Demand-side support measures such as direct procurement, advanced market commitments, and guaranteed price floors can advance DOE’s mission by providing a predictable commercial market for clean energy technologies.

March 17, 2023|Blogs

FESI for Regions: How the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation Can Contribute to Place-Based Energy Innovation

DOE needs to build deeper connections with the nation’s diverse regional economies in order to advance FESI's mission effectively.

March 16, 2023|Events

Petrochemicals Without the Petro: A New Initiative?

Watch to learn more about these exciting innovations and to discuss a federal initiative (such as a DOE EarthShot) to accelerate them.

March 8, 2023|Blogs

An Unenergized America: A Midterm Assessment of U.S. Energy Funding

The FY 2023 omnibus bill increased the Energy Department’s budget by $1.4 billion. Along with provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act, the future of clean energy innovation should be bright. But a closer look reveals notable funding gaps.

March 3, 2023|Reports & Briefings

OCED Observatory Newsletter, Issue 5: H2Hub Competition Narrows

DOE has received 79 applications for hydrogen hubs (H2Hubs) funding and recommended that 33 submit a full proposal. This edition of the newsletter also includes two special sections: a review of major hydrogen investments and the outlook of European hydrogen efforts.

March 3, 2023|Blogs

Petrochemicals Without Fossil Fuels: A National Climate-Tech Initiative

Zero-emission petrochemical production has never enjoyed the focus, the visibility, or the resources directed at other energy innovations. This must change.

February 21, 2023|Reports & Briefings

Climate-Tech to Watch: Hydrogen-Powered Aviation

Policymakers and the aviation industry see hydrogen as a promising low-carbon fuel for aviation. But to make hydrogen-powered flight a reality, they first need to bring down the cost of green hydrogen and overcome aircraft design challenges.

January 26, 2023|Testimonies & Filings

Joint Letter to DOE Regarding Transparent Implementation of the H2Hubs Program

ITIF, Third Way, the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, and the National Resources Defense Council expressed concern to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about the transparency practices that the Energy Department will adopt in implementing its H2Hubs program.

January 19, 2023|Presentations

Transforming the U.S. Department of Energy: Paving the Way to Commercialize Advanced Nuclear Energy

David M. Hart speaks with the Nuclear Innovation Alliance on the release of a new report, "Transforming the U.S. Department of Energy: Paving the Way to Commercialize Advanced Nuclear Energy."

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