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As every sector of the global economy and nearly every facet of modern society undergo digital transformation, ITIF advocates for policies that spur not just the development of IT innovations, but more importantly their adoption and use throughout the economy. In the area of AR/VR, ITIF researches how immersive technologies can transform the ways people communicate, work, and learn.


The Case for Immersive Tech in Apprenticeship Programs

The Case for Immersive Tech in Apprenticeship Programs

Immersive technologies have already proved to be useful in supplementing classroom education and on-the-job training. Those successes underscore how implementing the technology can bolster the effectiveness of apprenticeship programs in the United States.

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March 8, 2024|Testimonies & Filings

Comments to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition on Virtual Worlds and Generative AI

The market for AR/VR technologies, though nascent, presents a multifaceted competitive landscape spanning hardware, software, and distribution. And the generative AI market is experiencing early-stage growth with no significant entry barriers evident, particularly concerning data, computational resources, and talent.

February 5, 2024|Reports & Briefings

User Safety in AR/VR: Protecting Teens

Teens are some of the enthusiastic early adopters of augmented and virtual reality devices and the metaverse. Their relative lack of maturity and naivete makes them more susceptible to safety threats than adults. Yet, current policy proposals are unlikely to make AR/VR safer and would make online experiences worse overall for both teens and adults.

December 5, 2023|Presentations

Building the Foundations for a Successful Metaverse: Opportunities and Challenges

Daniel Castro speaks on a panel about how policymakers can support societal and economic benefits from the metaverse at an event in Washington, D.C. sponsored by The Economist.

November 30, 2023|Events

AR/VR in Classrooms: The Roadmap to Widespread Adoption

Watch this panel discussion with policymakers and educators on how to rollout immersive technology in classrooms in ways that are efficient, safe, and inclusive.

November 9, 2023|Blogs

The United States Is Already Playing Catch Up With Digital Twins

Planning and developing digital twins is a time-consuming process. While the U.S. government is only beginning to notice the potential benefits of using this tech, other countries have comprehensive adoption plans, with some of them already deploying tangible results.

October 18, 2023|Blogs

The Response to Unity's Engine Monetization Changes Is a Lesson About Metaverse Competition

Regulators should view the response to Unity's engine monetization changes as a cautionary tale: Today’s market leaders are still responsive to market forces, and if they ignore their customers’ demands, they may not hold the same position in the future.

September 21, 2023|Presentations

2023 Florida Tech & Innovation Summit

Juan Londoño speaks about how artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are fundamentally changing the way humans interact with technology and one another at a conference hosted by the James Madison Institute.

September 14, 2023|Events

AR/VR Policy Conference 2023

Join the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) and the XR Association for the third annual AR/VR Policy Conference. The event will feature a series of expert talks and panels discussing critical policy questions covering:

August 8, 2023|Blogs

Alarmism Should Not Be the Guiding Principle Behind Metaverse Public Policy

Former FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler recently called for proactively regulating the metaverse. But the regulatory interventions he proposed would do more harm than good.

August 7, 2023|Reports & Briefings

Developing an R&D Strategy to Integrate Immersive Learning Into the Classroom

Introducing immersive technologies into classrooms has the potential to make the U.S. education system more effective. But before these technologies are deployed in schools, the federal government should increase R&D investments in key areas that need further research.

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