The Digital Markets Act in Europe: Precaution or Innovation?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

The European Commission’s proposed Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to regulate competition in digital markets to ensure they are “fair and contestable.” Should the proposal be adopted as it stands, the implications of the DMA cannot be underestimated. It would impose stringent obligations on large Internet platforms designated as “digital gatekeepers,” with the ostensible goal of strengthening the EU’s digital single market by avoiding the internal market fragmentation that would come with a patchwork of national regulations. But would the DMA really succeed in avoiding fragmentation of the EU’s internal market? Or do the stringent regulations it imposes on large gatekeepers err so far on the side of precaution that they will deter innovation for small, mid-sized, and large firms alike?

ITIF hosted an expert panel discussion marking the release of a new report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the DMA and policy recommendations to address its flaws. This webinar will be the first of two ITIF events on the topic.

05/25/2021 10:0005/25/2021 11:00America/New_YorkITIF Event: The Digital Markets Act in Europe: Precaution or Innovation? WebinarMore information:
Christian Bergqvist
Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen
Michael König
Adviser Platform Regulation, Digital Markets Act
European Commission
Aurelien Portuese
Director, Antitrust and Innovation Policy
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Thibault Schrepel
Assistant Professor & Faculty Affiliate
Utrecht University School of Law & Stanford University
Elisa Ramundo
Senior Managing Director
Competition Policy International