Data Innovation Day 2016: Algorithms, Automation, and Public Policy

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Reserve Officers Association
1 Constitution Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002

The steady advancement of artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our world with a host of emerging innovations such as self-driving cars, automated financial advisers, and expert medical systems. Developers are producing data-intensive computer systems designed to observe, learn, and solve complex problems faster and more accurately than their human counterparts. As these technologies become increasingly mainstream, they promise enormous public benefits including higher productivity, improved health and safety, and fairer decision making. While these technologies have incredible potential to generate economic and social good, these breakthroughs may not occur unless the public and private sectors work in partnership to promote the development and adoption of artificial intelligence, address new regulatory questions, and integrate the technology into agencies at all levels of government.

Join ITIF's Center for Data Innovation for a conversation with leading experts on the state of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the efforts by the public and private sectors to support related research and development, and the important policy steps that regulators and lawmakers should make to unlock these new opportunities.

Welcome: Daniel Castro, Director, Center for Data Innovation

Impact of AI: Greg Corrado, Senior Research Scientist, Google

Impact of AI: Ashley Llorens, Chief of the Intelligent Systems Center, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Impact of AI: Fernando Diaz, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research

Impact of AI: Dennis Mortensen, CEO,

Public Policy Considerations: Terrell McSweeny, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

Public Policy Considerations: Hilary Cain, Director, Technology and Innovation Policy, Toyota; Daniel Castro, Director, Center for Data Innovation; Terah Lyons, Policy Advisor, Office of Science and Technology Policy; David Moschella, Research Fellow, CSC's Leading Edge Forum

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