How Germany and the United States Are Racing to Build the Factory of the Future with the Internet of Things

As Germany and the United States continue these efforts, smart public policies designed to spur the development and adoption of the Internet of Things will be critical to ensuring each country can successfully boost productivity, increase manufacturing efficiency, and enhance national competitiveness.

Contributors and Detractors: Ranking Countries’ Impact on Global Innovation

To what extent do countries’ innovation policies contribute to or harm overall global innovation? Are countries implementing policies such as investing in scientific research and education that produce beneficial spillovers for the entire international community, or are they using “innovation mercantilist” policies that try to help only themselves but to the detriment of overall global innovation?

Crafting a Grand Bargain Out of Title II: Net Neutrality With Net Adoption


Amid all the progress since the commercialization of the Internet, one broadband policy issue stands out as perhaps the most challenging to resolve: digital literacy and broadband adoption. Early gains in broadband adoption have tapered off, and a quarter of American adults still choose to not subscribe. But despite the real, persistent problem of the digital divide, the tech policy world remains transfixed by the entirely different issue of net neutrality.