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March 19, 2018
The global average for industrial robots per 10,000 workers increased to 74 robots in 2016 from 66 robots in 2015, a 12 percent increase, writes John Wu in Innovation Files.
March 16, 2018
The escalating jeremiad against “big tech” firms—particularly the idea that they are rapacious monopolists—has long since gone viral and is now hardening into conventional wisdom, but it is grounded in fallacies. Rob Atkinson explains in a reply to Charles Duhigg’s February 20 article, “The Case Against Google.”
March 13, 2018
The Internet of Things offers myriad benefits to European society. But the European Union’s forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation could throw sand in the gears of progress. As Nick Wallace writes for EUobserver, policymakers should narrow the scope of the regulation while they still have the opportunity.
March 12, 2018
After the deployment of high-speed Internet in 12 African countries, 10 percent of employment growth could be attributed to that development, writes John Wu in Innovation Files.
March 7, 2018
In an adaptation of their new book "Big Is Beautiful," Robert D. Atkinson and Michael Lind argue that large corporations are vilified in a way that obscures the innovation they spur and the steady jobs they produce.
March 7, 2018
It would be a mistake to allow Messenger Kids to become the next casualty in the campaign for an innovation-free childhood.
March 5, 2018
In 2017 alone, the average price of wireless telephone services—mobile phone contracts, prepaid plans, and Internet services—decreased by 12 percent, writes John Wu in Innovation Files.
March 2, 2018
The problem is not that Trump imposed tariffs; it is that he appears to have be motivated purely by a protectionist instinct, not because he recognized a legitimate need to aggressively confront foreign mercantilism, particularly on the part of the world’s worst offender, China.
March 2, 2018
The process of redrawing district boundaries every ten years is prone to political gamesmanship. As ITIF's Daniel Castro writes for GovTech, the best solution might be to simply take humans out of the loop and put an algorithm in charge.
March 1, 2018
The Trump administration has proposed an infrastructure plan that would help spur necessary investment. But it’s also time to modernize how we pay for infrastructure, says ITIF President Rob Atkinson in an op-ed for Real Clear Policy.