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Podcast: Is America’s ‘Free-Market’ a Myth? With Rob Atkinson

Podcast: Is America’s ‘Free-Market’ a Myth? With Rob Atkinson

June 4, 2024

Rob Atkinson appeared on the Foundation for American Innovation’s podcast The Dynamist with former FCC policy advisor Evan Swarztrauber to discuss myths about social media and democracy, small businesses and innovation, corporate profits, and laissez-faire capitalism. This episode aired on June 4, 2024:

Episode Notes

Social media undermines democracy. Small businesses are more innovative than big ones. Corporate profits are at all-time highs. America’s secret weapon is laissez-faire capitalism. These are widely held beliefs, but are they true? Our guest today argues that these statements aren’t just wrong, but that they’re holding America back—discouraging talented people from entering the technology field and making companies too cautious and wary of regulators. Is America losing its faith in innovation? If so, what can companies and governments do to turn the tide? Has America’s “free-market” really been as free as we think, and what can policymakers learn from Alexander Hamilton when it comes to industrial policy?

Evan is joined by Robert D. Atkinson, Founder and President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, an independent, nonpartisan research and educational institute, often recognized as the world’s leading think tank on science and tech policy. He is also the co-author of Technology Fears and Scapegoats: 40 Myths about Privacy, Jobs, AI, and Today’s Innovation Economy. Also read his article on Hamiltonian industrial policy, “What Kind of Industrial Policy: Progressive or Hamiltonian?

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