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Congress Should Pass the Bipartisan Future of AI Innovation Act

April 30, 2024

WASHINGTON—Ahead of the Senate Commerce Committee’s planned markup of the bipartisan Future of AI Innovation Act (S.4178), legislation that establishes voluntary standards and creates testbeds to spur AI innovation, the Center for Data Innovation released the following statement from Senior Policy Manager Hodan Omaar:

The Future of AI Innovation Act is a refreshing example of how policymakers can and should steer AI toward positive outcomes. The bill doesn’t just dangle a carrot of progress, it paves a path forward for achieving it.
The Act positions the United States to uncover new groundbreaking research and use AI to solve grand challenges. It unlocks valuable public data needed to fuel AI innovation, it sets up safety mechanisms to better understand what AI systems should and shouldn’t be used for, and it fosters international collaboration to catalyze advancements that benefit society as a whole.
Congress should swiftly pass this bill to ensure a transformative future for AI innovation.

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