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Comments to the FCC Regarding Use of Radar Devices in the 60-64 GHz Band

Introduction and Summary

The undersigned nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy organizations write to encourage the Commission to pursue the necessary steps to permit near-ground-level airborne use of unlicensed field disturbance sensor (hereinafter “radar”) devices in the 60-64 GHz band. With this letter, we take no position on the power limits or duty cycles necessary for compatibility between communications devices and radar devices within the band more generally.

Making productive use of spectrum is central to the Commission’s purpose and goals. In the above-captioned proceeding, the Commission has an opportunity to increase the productivity of the 60-64 GHz band by permitting airborne radar devices to operate near ground level. Therefore, the Commission should seek a technical arrangement that permits the maximum commercial use of this band while also protecting the federal interest in the Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS).

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