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Comments to the International Trade Administration on AI Export Competitiveness

Comments to the International Trade Administration on AI Export Competitiveness
October 17, 2022

The Center for Data Innovation submitted comments in response to the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) request for comments on the current global AI market and concerns regarding international AI policies, regulations, and other measures which may impact U.S. exports of AI technologies.

AI is transforming economic sectors and industries, creating new areas for innovations, and making its way into global trade discussions. A strong understanding of the AI landscape will be important to the ITA and the Department of Commerce to ensure policy actions effectively strengthen the international competitiveness of U.S. industry and foster economic growth by promoting trade and investment.

The Center supports the ITA’s mission and offers comments on the questions below to inform its work.

  1. What foreign/international AI policies or regulations exist?
  2. What trade barriers currently exist in the AI space? What remedies could resolve these trade
  3. How could international AI regulations impact future product or service design and
  4. What can the U.S. government do to best foster and protect IP rights for U.S. AI technologies
    in overseas dealings?
  5. How is U.S. competitiveness (talent, research and development, and commercial exports) in
    AI compared to other countries?
  6. What can the International Trade Administration do to create more opportunities for U.S. AI
    technologies in the global marketplace? What impactful actions can ITA take to reduce or
    remove challenges, risks, and barriers to help U.S. AI technologies compete in the global
  7. How can AI be incorporated into existing and future trade agreements to ensure the
    competitiveness of U.S. industry?

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