Comments to the European Commission on the Proposed Artificial Intelligence Act

Benjamin Mueller August 12, 2021
August 12, 2021

ITIF's Center for Data Innovation is pleased to have submitted initial comments on the Commission’s plans. We agree with the Commission’s position that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies should be subject to a well-designed regulatory framework. Such a framework should encourage the responsible adoption and use of the technology to benefit society, provide guardrails that address potential harms, and foster growth and innovation in the European digital economy. AI represents a new frontier of digital technology whose impact on the economy and society will be transformative in the next decades. It is of central importance that the EU creates conditions where citizens can take advantage of the incredible range of opportunities AI presents for new sources of growth and progress that will make Europe richer, healthier, and safer. The Center presents a number of suggestions to improve the proposed law such that it doesn’t damage the prospects of digital innovation and data-enabled growth in Europe.