No, Senator Hawley, We Aren’t Living in an ‘Age of Monopoly’

Robert D. Atkinson June 4, 2021
June 4, 2021

Washington is nothing if not a vast assembly line for groupthink. It cranks out dubious claims faster than the chocolate assembly line in that famous scene from I Love Lucy. A case in point was a recent morsel from Missouri’s Sen. Josh Hawley, who penned an essay in the Wall Street Journal calling for a new generation of trustbusters to go after Big Tech in particular.

Hawley attempted to substantiate his populist argument that we are in an “age of monopoly” by repeating a series of faulty claims that have been passed around Washington so frequently that they have taken on almost mythic proportions. But as Rob Atkinson writes in the Kansas City Star, those arguments are not supported by economic data.