Three Ways Biden Can Use Open Data to Deliver on His Ambitious Agenda

Hodan Omaar April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

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President Biden has an ambitious agenda, aiming to not only tackle the COVID-19 crisis and climate change, but systemic racism and social inequity as well. 

As Hodan Omaar describes in Federal News Network, there are three steps the Biden administration can take to advance his agenda, leveraging open and transparent data: develop and share U.S. genome data, require law enforcement agencies to share data, and create a publicly available national evictions database. With the availability of this data, the Biden administration will be able to take swift actions to address the issues, allowing for the nation to be prepared as new health threats emerge, creating structural change for police reform, and aiding Americans who face eviction.

Biden’s agenda is no small task, but by implementing these changes and focusing on the pandemic, police reform, and social inequity, the administration will be able to better understand the implications that different actions may have.